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Synth Single Review: "Bad Guys" by Just Scott

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Just Scott’s Bad Guys pours out retrowave vibes as it unfolds. Rough-edged, gleaming synth leaps out in a bright line that flashes into an uplifting melody. Just Scott’s strong, retro-sounding voice carries the arcing vocal melody while oscillating bass intertwines with big, pulsating drums.

Just Scott’s voice soars upward with confident energy while massive synth sings out with warmth. Tapping drums guide the song along with a bass oscillation. Just Scott’s pure ‘80s vocals unfurl with nostalgic energy in the chorus.

Rippling, glittering arpeggios flicker and colossal drums rebound while broad, dense synth sings a yearning melody. The vocals rise up as shining, medium-high synth dances above the huge drumbeat and silence falls.

This song’s narrator says that the song’s subject knows what she wants and “you make all the men cry” but he’ll make all the other men “look like boys.” He says that her smile “lights up the sky” and compares her lips to “cherry red ice.” He adds that he will take her for a drive with the top down and says that “we're gonna go fast baby, here comes the heat.”

Our storyteller points out that she likes the bad guys but he is “a good guy that’s a bad guy in disguise” who doesn’t try too hard and is confident along with never being boring and having a dangerous side. He says “you walk around in my dreams” like the lead in his movie. He adds that “my confidence is unique, you can’t figure me out.”

He concludes that she wants “what I’m laying down” and there’s more to him on the inside. He comments that she thinks that he is “dominant” and adds that she says being “take charge” is so sexy. The narrator speaks of meeting her on a hot summer night in the Hamptons as they drank “rosé wine” outside. There’s a twist as the song ends and the narrator says “I pretended I was cool and you liked my disguise.”

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