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Synth Single Review: "B Good B Smart B Strong" by Modhayan

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Modhayan’s single B Good B Smart B Strong glows with warm, positive energy and is full of energy and a sense of progress and dynamism. It is a nice thing to hear in these dark, weird times. The track kicks off with an uneven bounce of synth bass and the thud of drums along with a positive, gentle and warm lead synth melody.

The melody is jubilant as it moves over pulses of open, computerized synth that jump in and out of the music as that lead melody sings with a touching ease through the track, now calling out in caressing notes over the percussion underneath it. The percussion begins to play a different, more sparse and lighter rhythm before the track returns to the warmth of the main melody.

There’s a “B” section to the single that’s just as full of feelings of joy and celebration. It’s a dynamic blast of light into the darkness of the world. The music calls out and reaches up, full of sunshine and shimmer, along with a sense of gentleness.

B Good B Smart B Strong has such an uplifting vibe to it, so needed in the world now and I am happy that Modhayan put it out there.

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