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Synth Single Review: "Arcane Era" by Shikimo

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Shikimo’s Arcane Era mingles delicate feelings with power and propulsion in a smooth package. Subtle, soothing bass glides in a rush of breezy sound while medium-high, gently shining synth slides in above it. A distant and subdued xylophone-like synth carries wandering, melancholy notes above the deep bass below it.

The drum heartbeat is joined by crisp, clean chimes that play an arpeggio that also slips along with ease. The drumbeat’s massive weight adds energy while the glowing light above it gleams and the bass adds balance. The track has a feeling of smoothness in spite of that gigantic drumbeat and the shine that the chimes impart adds more sparkle.

A subtle, all-encompassing bass flow touches the ears delicately and echoing, medium-low synth carries a fragile melodic pattern while the xylophone-like synth roams. The cut-glass chimes add brightness as they move in again and there’s a crescendo before the dynamic drumbeat propels the music forward again.

The high diamond chimes keep up their shimmering motion and the bass rises to support the other musical components. A sweep of wind moves across the other sounds and the well of bass rises before the music fades on xylophone-like synth.

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