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Synth Single Review: "Arcade Afternoons" by The Pyramid

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


The Pyramid’s Arcade Afternoons overflows with nostalgic emotion, mingling feelings of hope and melancholy in equal measure. Flaring, bright synths leap in rising chords as a flicker of high, digital-sounding synth rises and fades in repeated patterns. Rushing wind leaps in and a resonant, medium-high synth carries a tremulous, gently touching melody, full of yearning.

Drums and bass form throbbing, propulsive underpinnings and the dreamy melody floats out, mingling nostalgic ache and an uplifting sense of hope. The lead synth has warm string and woodwind qualities to it as it dances along over the throbbing drum and bass. After an easy going drum fill, the rich lead synth flows in a caressing melody full of intense longing.

The “A" section melody comes in again, clear and full of tenderness. The rhythmic bass pulse continues and after a drum fill and a windy sweep, elevated synth shines out, still overflowing with melancholy and touching emotion as it glides above the guiding propulsion below it. This track combines memories, dreams and an abiding fondness for times gone by in equal measure.

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