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Synth Single Review: "Another Day" by Neon Black Dreams

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Neon Black Dreams’ Another Day starts as shadowy synth clouds build behind the Yara’s ethereal, airy voice. JJ's flashing synth chords move to support the vocalist’s emotive performance. Tense arpeggios writhe and an angular synth melody drifts through, carried on medium-low synth.

Throbbing drums and smoothly gliding bass shape the music. Yara’s heartfelt voice carries a mysteriously drifting melody. Her vocals are smooth and tinged with more darkness while glimmering chimes tumble around them. Underneath the other elements, an even drumbeat shapes the song above upwelling bass.

Medium-high, rounded synth glistens and Yara's voice carries the lyrics, balancing a warning and a sense of hope. Drums throb and bass rumbles as a rebounding, volleying synth supports the vocalist’s strong performance. The vocal melody wriggles and twists while full-sounding, nasal synth notes rise with sunny light before the song ends.

The teller of this tale opens as she talks about a new day, free of pain. She’s reminiscing about the past and says she realizes her desire to change after she “tried to balance on a knife.” However she wonders if life is “pre-arranged.” She talks about waking up over and over as another person washes her sins away. She asks this other person to “kiss me now as I start to shake” and begins another day.

Our narrator asks the other person to come with her as they are free to start another day. She adds that “life was never meant to be easy, fairy tales only deceived me.” She talks about having to wear a mask to keep the other person close, without that person having to ask. The narrator adds “just forget your fear.”

There’s self-doubt for the storyteller who is lost in her past sins. She says that she realizes what she’s done and she “can’t forgive myself at last” but points out that the other person is still “the one.” Now she speaks of another day in which one must “walk in disguise” and live with lies, even though she wants to soar into the sky.

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According to our narrator, there are “no more words when I pray” and it’s just another day. She talks about forgetting lies and pain because “tomorrow is a brand new day.” She goes on to say another day is “a game we play.” Now the narrator says “we are unmasked” with questions left unasked but she asks the other person to look into her eyes because “love never dies.”

Now her skies have become grey as “it was my mistake” and she pleads for the other person not to be broken-hearted. She begs that they stay with her. The storyteller adds that it was another day "until they took your breath away.” Now she is left without words, but still wants the song’s subject to stay with her.

She’s worried about what might happen in future when they are “without each other, alone in the cold.” The conclusion she reaches is that they have to make the most of the time they have with each other.

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