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Synth Single Review: "And One For Good Luck" by Die, Miami, Die!

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Die, Miami, Die’s And One For Good Luck spills over with summery vibes and an irrepressible sense of fun as it unfolds. Flashing, elevated synth vibrates into the track along with glassy chimes as massive, full synth chords burst in and swirling bass shifts. The drums are full of power as they pulsate along with funky slap bass.

Gleaming, elevated synth carries a jumping melody full of playful sensations over the energetic bass and crystal chimes flash. Broad synth chords richly fill the track and the drums create forward motion. Synth trumpets call out in a bursting melody that brims over with sunny feelings as the funky bass and throbbing drums add shape to the track. There’s a return to the initial bouncing lead synth melody over the driving drums.

A sparkling line of synth trickles through over dense, flaring synth chords and a xylophone carries the lead melody briefly. Trumpets dance in again and blare out the positive, heart-warming melody that they carry over thick slap bass and the strong, motion-filled beat. A sax comes in, reedy voice adding passion and even more uplifting sensations to the music before the track ends.

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