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Synth Single Review: "Altered Egos" by Unheard Sirens Incorporated

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Unheard Sirens Incorporated’s Altered Egos combines Remy Renegade’s musical backng with Empress Owl’s powerful vocal performance in a song calling for a change in thinking for humanity. The song begins as slap bass creates a funky motion as rough-edged, steadily driving bass and quickly pulsing drums accelerate the song.

Empress Owl's distinctive, powerful voice carries a melody mingling hope and a triumphant sense of progress as the energizing drums flash and throb over bass weight and dynamic motion. The medium-low, gruff synth bursts and wraps around Empress Owl’s compelling, soaring vocals that carry the encouraging melody.

There’s a gripping, flying life in the vocal performance as flaring synths intertwine. Medium-low synth bursts out as the track is driven by slicing drums and bass. Piano chords support Empress Owl’s resonating, heartfelt vocals as the melody flies out, calling for a brand new future as the gigantic low end surge rushes on before the music ends.

This song’s narrator begins by saying that we’re no longer what we’ve been, instead we are “becoming, the future burning off our skin” while still holding the past inside of ourselves. In the chorus, she tells us that it isn’t about “either/or” but something larger. She advises people to let go of the pain, “transcend this plane” and shine after having left “duality behind.”

Our storyteller speaks of “dreaming of light in the darkness” and says that the light of the sun is in everybody, but adds that people forget this and “stay trapped in darkness.” In the shadowed state, they hurt one another and cause pain, which has happened again and again. In contrast to this dark vision, the chorus returns to provide an alternative.

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