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Synth Single Review: "Allies" by Nakatomi FreeFall

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Nakatomi FreeFall’s Allies is a song supporting the misfits and people on the outside. Quickly rippling, string-like synth vibrates above gigantic retro sounding drums and metallic clashing. The beat accelerates along with pulsing bass as a news announcer type enumerates characteristics which which those of a more eccentric bent struggle.

A bright, trumpeting synth carries a dynamic melody with boundless enthusiasm over charging bass and thundering, massive drums. Trembling, digital sounds vibrate in the distance. The spoken word part creates a good contrast to the upbeat drum and bass drive. Marjie Velour’s powerful and expressive voice leaps out into impassioned life before a round-toned synth sings out gently.

Sparkling chimes flicker as a chopping underlying sound ushers in a darker, more shadowed segment. Our slightly corny news announcer returns as the Marjie Velour’s voice pours out deep feeling. A guitar-like synth tumbles through the music and the song ends on round synth sounds.

The “news reader” poses a series of questions that mark one out as someone not following the conventional path. They include such questions as "Are you an introvert in a world of insane extroverts? Are you an extrovert who accidentally terrifies introverts?” and "Did you ever try so hard to impress someone and realize at the end it wouldn't have mattered anyway?”

He also asks, “Do you ever ostracize yourself in public with your incredibly funny yet dark, dark humour?” In the chorus our narrator calls out and says “Shine on! We are the allies, you belong with us. Shine on! If you're on the outside, you belong with us.”

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