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Synth Single Review: "All In My Head" by Thorisson & Siri Linn

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Thorisson and Siri Linn's All In My Head explores the messy fallout of a confusing relationship. Siri Linn’s voice echoes in the distance as steadily glittering synth notes and a smooth, airy flow swell up. Siri Linn’s emotive, softly caressing vocals carry a dreaming melody, tinged with yearning.

Pink synth clouds flow and grow before bursting, throbbing drums and bass pulse drive the music forward. Siri Linn’s vocals are expressive and enfolding as synth clouds swirl and glide. The drums add guidance and the energizing bass pulse throbs on. Siri Linn’s vocals arc out above the music as the song comes to an end.

The narrator talks about how the other person drew her in and made her believe in the reality of their relationship. She adds that she “gave in to the way you made me feel.” She wonders if anything she did for the other person meant much to them. Our narrator asks, “Do you even care or am I wasting my time?"

In the chorus, the storyteller wonders if she imagined it all and asks if “everything you said, was it just to keep me in your bed?” She questions if she imagined the other person’s promises. Now she adds that she’s been trying to keep things under control, but concludes that “I don’t know how to feel when I think about you.”

Also on the single is a version of the song that adds a jazzy, emotive sax solo played by Thorisson.

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