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Synth Single Review: "Alive" by Tioux79


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Tioux79’s Alive is a study in musical contrasts between gentle drift and deeper bass, glowing light and rougher-edged sounds. There is a melody full of glimmering warmth and a feeling of interlocking sounds that all form one cohesive whole in this track.

The track begins with flowing, shimmering chimes that flutter over a bed of misty synth as low, dense bass underpins luscious, round synth carrying delicate, warm arpeggios circling over a gliding drumbeat.

A rising, buzzing synth carries a soft, soothing melody that sings out over the chiming sparkle of synth underneath it. Thick, slightly rough-edged blocks of low synth move below the glowing light of airy sound above them.

A series of arpeggios are taken up by a drifting, full-bodied synth as twinkles of high notes shimmer above the bass depth and the tempo speeds up and up before fading away.

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