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Synth Single Review: "Alive" by FĒNIX

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FĒNIX’s (Darragh O’Connor) Alive creates jolt of wild passion in synth-based form as it unfolds. Gargantuan drums are interspersed with flat, hard synth that slices into the song and forms an active and funky line. Twisting vocoder-distorted vocals add a robotic quality as they wriggle and writhe above the massive drums and angled bass. Darragh O’Connor’s voice has depth and strength in it, but also captures deep emotion. A tambourine-like flicker of sound is underpinned by rising, wide-sounding synth leaping in quick flares.

Underneath Darragh O’Connor’s echoing voice, the huge drums thunder and glittering synth lines intertwine and tremble. Rapid, gruff bass bursts out as hollow synth ripples and drums pulsate heavily. The song is dynamic and energizing, the vocal melody surging with life and the low end propelling the other musical elements with verve. A guitar whirls out in mad abandon and we end on rebounding drums.

Our narrator talks about how the other person electrifies him and his soul. He says that they “mesmerize” him and put him on his knees under their control. The narrator points out that he’s under their spell “mind, body and soul.” He adds that he’s terrified by the other person because “when I feel that beat I start to lose control.”

The storyteller points out that he feels alive when he looks into the other person’s eyes. He says that it lights a fire in him and “fuels my heart’s desire.” The song’s subject electrifies him and he is “under your control” along with being mystified under their spell. He is hypnotized by them when “I feel that beat” and loses control. He’s mesmerized by them as they are “burning up my soul.”

Now he says that person is “the drug that I need” because “when I feel your touch, it makes me feel alive.”

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