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Synth Single Review: "Against The Odds" by Dhastron

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Dhastron’s Against The Odds combines uplifting melodic sections, a darker and more edgy bass and a driving drumbeat. The track begins on hollow, circling arpeggios that are joined by the fierce throb of growling guitar-like low synth and driving drums.

A trumpeting, soaring lead synth melody comes in, shot through with power and a sense of forward progress, crying out over the bass depths that now break and throb in uneven pulses.

The beat becomes steadier again as string-like synths add energetic motion and drive, their resonant quality bright over the relentless drums. The music breaks into a flowing, drifting section with an oscillating pulse of medium-high synth followed by a lower, brassy flow of gently moving notes.

A hard pulse of edgy bass hits and the warm, slightly lost and hollow arpeggios move in and the track shifts into a darker, more delicate mood before the string-like, triumphant melody calls out in a continuing pattern. Brassy lower synths call out their own dramatic,positive melody as the track fades out.

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