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Synth Single Review: "Action Starters" by Steven Q-Beatz

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Steven Q-Beatz’s single Action Starters is full of a classic retrowave feeling. It has a jubilant, triumphant feeling and is touched by a good deal of synth warmth. There’s a swelling tide of metallic synth notes that are joined by full chords imbued with warmth as a classic synthwave beat is joined by more dense, full and energizing chords. There’s a great deal of big, solid power to the drum pulse that shapes this track and the varying, swelling chords also contribute to that shaping effect.

The rising chords add a feeling of progress and surmounting obstacles to the music as the driving melody, tinged with a minor key feeling launches fully into the track.A slow segment, full of a shimmering aurora of chords moves over and shifting sonic flows underneath it. A slower but still dynamic drum beat drives the track onward with shifting synth sounds flowing around it.

There’s a return to the main melodic segment before a slamming, flying and intricately-woven lead synth solo makes a wild series of leaps through the track. I find the solo quite energizing and uplifting before the track ends on flashes of synth over a slow and distant arpeggio that slowly dissolves into silence.

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