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Synth Single Review: "Above In Our Love" by eLxAr & Liquid Modern

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eLxAr & Liquid Modern’s Above In Our Love is about an enduring relationship featuring gleaming synths and strong vocals. The song opens with a steady bass pulse and sparkling, fragile chimes. Wind sweeps through before Kojette’s voice gently comes in.

It has a unique, engaging quality and the vocal melody leaps upwards before the chorus dances in over the the big, throbbing drums and shining chimes. The bass pulsation and massive drums add further energy as the sunny chimes flicker out. Kojette’s voice soars upwards, full of hopeful, positive emotion.

The skipping ease of the vocal melody and the vocals themselves express a sense of looking forward. Huge, retro drums propels the music and the cut glass chimes gleam. Nasal, round synth calls out in a heartwarming solo, expressing the feeling that end everything will be alright.

The narrator talks about how every day she gets closer to the song’s subject and “a little bit further from me.” She says that because they’re “uncommon” in what they do, it makes her the one for the song’s subject. Our narrator admits that it’s hard to be apart from the other person because “all I fear is a broken heart.” She points out that “when I’m back in your soul again” she needs to know that the other person doesn’t have to pretend.

In the chorus, our storyteller says that they are above “all the lies that we create… all the mistakes that we make.” She goes on to say that they can reach their goal on their own because “just you and me we believe” that they are “above in our love.”

The narrator points out that they are “the realest two” since they “grow together me and you.” She says that no matter what happens, they’ll get through it because “every day we wake up is new.” Our narrator says that even when they struggle through life, their hearts are “always intertwined.” She concludes by saying, “So let us travel through eternity until we find our own unity.”

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