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Synth Single Review: "A Way" by Manhatten & Star Madman

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Manhatten & Star Madman’s A Way explores the possibility for hope in a broken world. Crystal clear synth tremulously chimes as Star Madman’s delicate voice slips into the song. Ethereal synth waves slip around her gentle voice and the kick drum is a heartbeat. Glassy synth repeats a softly glowing pattern as the drums add more weight and shape to the song. Metallic chimes sparkle to add light-filled ornamentation before the massive retro drums strike again, imparting a powerful throb to support the other sonic elements.

StarMadman’s vocals caress the ears while the chimes glitter and after a drum fill, the song’s pronounced drive continues propelled by the retro drums. Cosmic ripples spread, carried on medium-low synth and the fluting, chiming lead sings a pastel-hued melody that moves like cool water. The musical backing is restful and there’s a feathery touch and a pure sparkle to the high synths that shimmer through over the energetic drums, shaping the delicate music.

The song’s narrator starts off stay she has to remain in a mental state that “what I seek I know that I can find.” She adds that she doesn’t want to “stop and be left behind.” There can only be forward motion with “no rewind” and so every step she takes causes her to “keep gaining speed.” Since she’s almost “got exactly what I need” she finally feels like she’s been set free to lead.

In the chorus, the positive and uplifting feelings continue to grow. She talks about how there’s a way to “get through this” and a way for her to do it. There’s also a play on words in which she says that there’s “a way to undo this and say I can do it” that only extends the hopeful sentiments.

As the song evolves, the narrator extends the yearning for better out to society. She talks about how it’s time “that we get the revelation” to make a “new creation” and send the word “out to every station that “together we make a more caring nation.”

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