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Synth Single Review: "252RB81" by Jetfire Prime


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Jetfire Prime’s 252RB81 packs a high level of complexity and musical richness into a short space. It begins with distant, tightly wound sounds with a metallic quality. Those sounds begin to grow in intensity as they flow out before an angular pattern of moving synth is paced by a drum beat that keeps time with the rising metallic notes. A string-like synth spins out a line of shining notes that winds above the angular synth notes that shape the music along with the slightly broken drums.

Growing notes climb slowly, feeling wide open, as they shift and shudder through the track while the string-like synth cries out over the top. The drumbeat adds shape to the music as the angular synth pattern drops off and a glimmering melody calls out, washing through the track in a bright line as again the angular synth pattern moves deeply in time to the beat and then fades away

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