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Synth SIngle Review: "Subsonic Introspection" by Peacecraft


Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Peacecraft’s Subsonic Introspection is dominated by extremely deep bass that moves through the music in solid waves. It’s joined by a steady heartbeat of drums that also have depth and weight to them. These elements provide a solid anchor point for the swirling synths that flow into the track, moving lightly over the depths. There’s a fuzzy growl of electric guitar that comes surging through the music to add another element to the layers of sound.

The growl of guitar becomes more pronounced along with the drums strengthening in their throb. The guitar has a bluesy, rocking quality to it as it cascades through the track. The guitar is joined by a wash of fuzzy synth sound and a delicate melody comes in, playing on unique synths that seem to have both chiming and vocal qualities to them. I feel as if I’m being taken on a journey inward on this single, diving deep into the introspection of the title.

There’s a balanced combination of darkness and brightness on the track as the snarling guitar drives forward. As a whole, Subsonic Introspection is a short but fairly engaging journey through a sonic landscape that touches different moods and energies. To me, it shows Peacecraft’s interest in exploring different textures and sounds in synth music. Although his first album was clearly synthwave, he’s exploring different directions to take his sound which is a positive step for any artist.

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