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Synth Single Review: "Eyes On The Horizon" by Brian Sangmeister and Star Madman

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Cover Art by Tholos

Cover Art by Tholos

Brian Sangmeister & Star Madman’s Eyes on the Horizon is a song bursting with inspiring energy and positive emotion. The steady beat brims with a propulsive quality as the bright, clean lead synth sings out a bouncing melody. Star Madman’s voice smoothly carries a vocal melody that flows over the throbbing beat and bass line. The bursting, slightly edgy sound of the lead synth intertwines in a shifting melody below the uplift of Star Madman’s voice.

The song breaks into a half-time section as the drums hit harder and a shimmer of chimes drifts through. Star Madman’s voice glides while medium low, sharp-edged synths rise. The tempo picks up again and the song returns to the “A”section. Brian Sangmeister plays a freewheeling, intricate synth solo that climbs with hopeful energy over the insistent beat. As the chimes glitter, Star Madman’s voice keeps moving with assurance.

Positive energy and a sense of reaching for better fill this song. The narrator is encouraging right from the get go as she says, “If you reach you can take it. Eyes on the horizon, kiddo!” She encourages the person she's addressing not to look back and to just go. She adds, “You’re on the track, it’s not surprising. Know it for a fact.”

The positive reinforcement continues as she urges, “Just believe you can make it. Hold your head high and steady.” She reminds the person to whom she's speaking to “show the world your best” and if “no one is impressed. So?”

Things might get tough and “if the light seems dim, just remember you’ve got to fight to win.” The narrator’s tone is encouraging as she says, “You’ll get back up again, don’t give in.” As the song draws to a close, she continues, “There’s no more lookin’ back, keep your head up…eyes on the horizon."

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