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Synth SIngle Review: "Devil's Night" by Nanoverse and Vinnythabone

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Nanoverse and Vinnythabone’s Devil’s Night begins with a creaking, Stygian bass throb opens up a void below the resonant, medium-high synth with a density and richness to it carries a drifting, pain-tinged melody that floats over the guiding drums and shadow.

Vinnythabone’s vocals are sibilant, clear and expressive over the deep throb of the track. He can also growl and howl with the best of them. There’s a chiming segment that carries a secondary melody that shimmers over the darkness around it. The gritty electric guitar adds more energy to the music as the gliding background and throbbing drums flow along.

The seething darkness of the music reflects the equally dark lyrics of this song. The narrator provides an ominous opening in the lines, “There’s murder in the air tonight, and there’s a little girl playing by streetlights.” He goes on to talk about the terrible things that happen on Devil’s Night when “all the ghouls come out to play with fire.” He talks of how they’ll “destroy someone’s precious life.”

However he’s not going to take it laying down as he asks, “Did you really think I’d let you rip my world away?” The lyrics create a strong image in the line, “There is vengeance in the moon and blood will be spilled soon” in retaliation for what has been done.” He concludes, “They’ll learn on death tonight!”

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