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Synth Rock Single Review: "Obsolete" by VIBETANK

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


VIBETANK’s Obsolete starts off with a steady, deep drone of synth over throbbing drums. The guitar that comes in has a thick quality to it over the weight of the drumbeat. Synths and guitar rise together with a full sound, climbing and dancing out over the beat.

Ritchie Murray's strong vocals soar out over the music before the track becomes gentle and lighter. The mixture of the gentler chorus and the stronger vocals above it balances well over the beat that drives the track forward.

The words to this song ache and give voice to sensations of pain and loss. The narrator begins by asking, “How much rain can one sky hold?” The reply is that it is “filling up your bucket, rinsing down your soul” and the narrator adds, “It’s rock and roll.”

Now there’s a real ache in the words as the narrator asks, “How much pain can one man hold?” He talks about the “bleeding heart” inside that runs hot and cold. He adds that Its “missing a beat, it’s obsolete.”

The narrator poses the question, “How much time can I dictate?” while “rolling down a hill, lying on your back.” He adds that you’ll “melt in the heat, you’re obsolete.”

A gentler chorus section talks of “teardrops in the sky” and adds, “Don't tell a lie. The story's at an end, say your last goodbye.” The narrator adds, “don't try to comprehend, you're obsolete.”

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The song ends in bleak simplicity with the lines. “Kiss the sun goodbye. Your words imply: Don't try to understand.”


VIBETANK on April 21, 2021:

Thank you for your awsome review of Obsolete. Your description has shown an uncanny understanding of the lyrics and the structure of the track

Thanks again Karl.

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