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Synth Pop Single Review: "Don't Miss Your Train" by Séan

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Séan’s single Don’t Miss Your Train begins with the sound of a steam train chugging in before a digital-sounding synth bounces through over a thick bass background. The drums pop in a rapid beat while the digital synth sound carries an angular melody. There’s a brief swirl of gentler sound and Sean’s strong, clear voice comes in.

The bass growls and shifts as the drums quickly throb and the lead synth dances out in a bright line, sharp and clear. The vocals cut cleanly with a few moments of echoing, distant fade for contrast. The drums and bass keep up their steady jumping beat before the song fades out into silence.

Sometimes we let chances in life pass us by without taking hold of them before they’re gone. The lyrics to this song explore that idea. As it begins, the narrator tells us about a man who “wanted to ride the train, to ride away from the pain” but was unable to do so.

He was told, “We’re closed ’til further notice, did you not see the sign?” The voice asked why he didn’t notice the clouds and that “there ain’t no sunshine.” It further challenged him by asking what he’d do about it.

The message of the narrator is a reminder to not “miss your train.” He says clearly that one shouldn’t wait around or hide, but rather live life. The song ends on a warning that “you need to pay attention ‘cause you might just miss the sign.”

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