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Synth Pop Single: "Burn" by Terouz

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Terouz ’s Burn is an examination of complex, mingled emotions and thoughts. The dense guitar plays a melodic pattern that has an emotional tremble in it as the smooth drums thrum below Terouz’s vibrant, unique vocals. The live drums adda tightness and energy to the music. The guitars sing out their own lush sound while the beat keeps propelling the track.

The guitar echoes in shining, warm lines as Terouz’s in the chorus and swirling synths move behind and around it. The guitar rings out along with flashing synths that shimmer and the rising, glowing triumph of the guitar calls out. There’s a break to Terouz’s rich, full and emotional vocals while the dense mixture of vocal parts intertwine and fade.

The narrator begins by talking about how the person he’s addressing has been let down and is “done with this town.” He points out that they want to “watch it burnin’ up while you walk away.” He reminds the other that “you can call on me even if we’re distant apart.”

There’s deep passion as he asks them to “bring your body near” because it’s never in doubt that “some tame the fire but some fires deserve to burn.” He adds that the other person has been “shot down for speaking your heart” and that they want to “watch ‘em burn alive.” He tells them they can “let it all out.”

The narrator’s commitment is strongly expressed as he says, “In spite of all of the hurt, I’m willing to soak it in and again if that keeps you within shelter.”

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