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Synth EP Review: "Survival (2021 Remix)" by Full Eclipse

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Full Eclipse’s Survival (2021 Remix) is luscious, layered synth music that is full of depth and nuance. The remix adds increased richness and refinement to elevate the listening experience compared to the original.

“Totem” begins as soft forest sounds are joined by a swirling, all-encompassing flow of misty, intertwining synth. Wide, rich, medium high synth carries a floating, slowly unfolding melody that has a bright quality as it twists and bends while the full synth wash creates more depth.

The active bass is dense far underneath the other elements that slip and glide all around it. The repeating synth line expands outwards, medium-low and insistent, forming a steady pulsation over the drums as they hit with solid impact. A piano with an intense, almost metallic feeling carries a quick note pattern as the drums continue their solid strikes.

The bass roams heavily underneath the hazy synth float and the distorted, higher synth wanders as it bends and climbs. In the background, there’s a rainy sound as the relentlessly oscillating synth pulse continues. Elevated flashes of twisting sound move in and through.

The drums keep up their hard-hitting beat while the interlocking sonic layers flow and combine. The piano rings out through the splash of rain and breath of wind as the repeating synth pattern locks everything together. The indistinct float of the other sounds has a soothing quality as the piano shines brightly and we fade on pouring rain and delicate synth notes.

The initial sounds are gruff as “False Hope” begins but a warmly lifting, gently holding piano melody sings out over the steady, swingy drums and dense bass. Reverent, open-voiced, delicate synths sing their own enfolding line over the strong drums.

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Whorls of synth unfold in a fragile fashion while thick bass keeps supporting the other elements. The piano melody has tragic shadows in its hopeful notes, tinged with melancholy as it calls out.

Medium-high synth forms waves that rock smoothly underneath the main piano melody while the lush, full flow of almost choral synths deepens the sensations of reverence. An elevated, fluting synth adds a shimmer over the ear filling layering of sounds that build one on the other, trickles of sunlit synth glinting while the piano calls out into the easy flow around it.

“Survival” starts as a subtly shifting bass throb flows into the music while a heavily distorted guitar carries a shadowed, passionate melodic line that is full of expression over the weight below it. The drums have depth and power as an airy rush slips along over top and the guitar drifts into a more separated line of notes. A cymbal clashes and drums touch more softly but steadily as the lead guitar’s sharper edges cut into the music.

The wide sounding guitar as carries the pained melody before a new section opens. The round, medium-high guitar line that comes in is lighter, possessed of a unique tone and a caressing feeling as it glides along over top of the steadily pulsing drums. The almost vocal, airy flow of synth makes its way along and the wider, sharper guitar cuts in again, the drums batter and the track surges with power.

Swelling synth trembles below an elevated, shimmering sound that sparkles out over the vibrating, shaking, bright synth below it to open “False Promise.” Long sonic sweeps drift in a circular pattern and out into airy space before the strong solidity of the drums throb in.

Elevated, open-voiced synth revolves and shines like stars over the easy drums and deep bass flow. There’s a fragile, ancient feeling to the chimes as they shimmer. The chimes repeat in a shining pattern that drifts above the guiding strength of the drums and the rich synth washes. Each synth layer expands while hopeful, rising sounds uplift the track further before it all fades on an extending, glowing note.

“Progress” comes to life as the warm and slightly distorted guitar strums in carrying a dreaming melody that caresses the ears as it unfolds, full of gentle ease. The track has the undeniable feeling of floating in pink clouds that enfold the listener in emotions of peace and hope. The drums provide a smooth guide while shining synths rise in misty exhalations to curl out through the track.

Over it all, the guitar is bright and full of relaxed sensations while the high, glistening synth shimmers in and through the music. The drums have a subtle, light touch that is just enough to provide structure while the guitar drifts in a glittering pattern. Extended synth notes slide out around the guitar as the track begins to fade away into the rush of a blowing wind and the cries of birds.

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