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Synth EP Review: "Stradale" by WarePredator

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WarePredator’s Stradale is a surging slice of high-octane synthwave that snarls and accelerates ferociously. It exudes a combination of strong melodies, ferocious drums and bass and irrepressible energy.

“Outrun 86” begins with pounding, shadowed bass and a subtle higher synth sound. The trumpeting, medium-high synth calls out a melody full of flashing dynamism and triumphant majesty. Gigantic retro drums smack into the music, adding even more propulsion and the melody soars out in victorious mood over the driving beat and thunderous bass.

The next segment sees the lead synth melody imbued with a sense of hope as it reaches out in an arcing line. There’s also a hint of aching emotion in the minor key moments of the melody. The music returns to the bursting athleticism of the “A" section as the drums and bass charge on.

Now the throbbing drums are joined by shifting, flashing synth chords with a darker energy as the hard-edged bass growls again and brighter sounds fly. Once more, we erupt into the main melody and rush for the track’s end with massive drums and dense bass at full tilt.

Ringing, bubbling digital synth sounds trickle over a rough bass crackle to open “Escape From Semiconductor Valley. “ An insistently buzzing, rhythmically repeating synth moves into the music to generate a sense of urgency as the ferocious bass roars. An angular arpeggio expands in the distance as the drumbeat’s towering power hits home.

A soaring melody takes flight on a glowing, elevated synth with a distorted twist. The melody is yearning as it cries out over the urgent, pulsating motion below it. The music breaks into a wobbling, writhing segment as darkly minor key chords shift. Very high synth screams with worry as it descends in tense notes over the rushing drums and attacking bass.

Dangerous feeling synth chords increase the sense of drama and the elevated, shining synths tremble before launching into a sharp-edged, repeating melodic pattern full of intense energy. The lead synth rises in an ominous melody as it descends in huge blocks and the higher synths cry out in a threatened-sounding line.

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“Chop-n-Go Traffic” starts off with massively powerful, fierce bass that pounds in a speeding line that bursts harshly below brightly blaring synth. The bass forms a constant oscillation below the gigantic, aggressive higher sounds.

The slamming weight of the gargantuan drumbeat forms an insistent pulse and glowing synth whirls in a rapidly rising line. High, flashing lead synth plays a cascading melodic pattern over the undeniable muscle of the drums and bass. The lead synth twists and howls in a line full of dominating and leaping feeling over the drum and bass collisions below it.

The music moves into a segment that sees huge trumpeting notes blasting out as the drums and bass explode again. High, energetic synth tumbles over itself and the melody howls out in dynamic motion again over the relentless churn and drive below it.

Active, gruff bass is joined by gleaming synth leaping in over the driving arc of the drums and bass to kick off “Stradale.” The glittering synth adds rushing motion and energy as the drums jump and pulsate. The lead synth melody is uplifting, bursting with a sensation of forward motion over the rough attack of drums and bass.

Raised chimes sparkle and the whole track is urgent in its propulsion. The melody soars out, inspiring a feeling of hyperactive energy and an intense need for speed over the unrelenting drums and bass. Slower, cascading synth falls in vibrating lines that add to the sense of motion and drive. The drums and bass keep the speed up and the whole track exudes vibrancy and irrepressible life as it charges on to the end.

“It Takes Two Barrels To Tango” has the feel of an ‘80s action TV show as it opens. Shimmering synth arpeggiates in a spinning line as sweeping sounds move in a steady and rough-edged throb. The elevated synths wriggle and blocks of darkly powerful sound growl into the music.

The elevated synth is dramatic and worried as it twists over the dark weight far below. Higher sounds dance in before the sharp-edged, shining synth moves in slabs that imbue the track with more power. The intertwining lead synth squirms over the ramming power that dominates the low end of the track. The music ends on a leaping synth and then silence.

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