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Synth EP Review: "Spectre (Hack The Planet)" by Kizunaut and guests


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Kizunaut's Spectre (Hack The Planet) has been remixed by a variety of different artists on this EP, each of them creating their own unique, fresh take on the original track.

"Spectre (Hack The Planet" comes into being as fuzzy pulses of static are joined by an unevenly moving bass line and a thudding kick drum.The track grows in energy over the throbbing beat before a gritty, aggressive guitar cuts into the music. There are chip-like sounds that form a bright pattern that glows out over the track.

Rising, majestic lead synth cries out over the snarl of the guitar in blocks of notes. A sweeping flow of edgy synth circles and the guitar leaps out in a sharp line over the relentless beat. Sparkles of technological-sounding synth flutter and dance over the moving pulse of metallic, undulating notes over the distant static of the background while that slicing lead synth cries out in stacked, bright patterns.

A surge of gritty sound and a deep well of bass are joined by static along with a hollow, metallic synth that grows in strength as “Spectre (Desert Monolith remix)” begins. A distant, drifting flow of sound repeats in a slow pattern while the computerized sounding lead synth plays slow notes into the music. A trickle of elevated, metallic notes comes in on a synth reminiscent of a xylophone. This remix is much more desolate feeling than the original piece.

The deep bass surges and swells as patterns of shifting, higher sound flow through. The lead synth melody is lost and melancholy over the airy sonic backdrop while glistening chimes add texture. The metallic xylophone sound swirls over the pulses of harder noise as drums burst in to keep shaping the track. There’s a roaming feel to the delicate melody as it contrasts with the beat and bass line.

“Spectre (Turbo Remix)” starts off with a flow of sweeping air and glowing synth. This remix is brimming with energy as a quick drum beat leaps into the music, launching it forward on a tide of steady sound. An electric guitar adds its sharp-edged voice to the music and after a lull the whole track races ahead again. The music reaches a crescendo and the track explodes into a trance beat.

The synths pulsate and pump in an oscillating wave and the guitar roars throatily over the throbbing, rapid beat. There is a brief lull as the music drifts into a deep bass flow and rising, almost reverent synths call out. A delicate shimmer of light and softly flowing piano notes move while the beat and bass begin to gain energy. Climbing lines of yearning synth shine out as the energy level ramps up, all of the sonic elements moving together as the beat keeps on gaining strength. There’s one more crescendo and the tempo accelerates again before the end of the track.

An oscillating, nasal synth pulse and the sound of dripping water floats into “Spectre (Ursula’s Cartridges Remix)” along with a wide wash of open, rough and glitchy sound with a distorted quality to it. There’s a gruff synth pulse and a shifting beat throbs in before it’s joined by a vocal sounding synth. The nasal synth pattern is joined by a trip hop-like beat while the lead synth twists through the music along with odd, glitchy sounds. A sparkling line of synth and a jagged slice of sound cuts into the track as it moves over the relentless beat.

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