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Synth EP Review: "Soulkiller" by Dimi Kaye

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Dimi Kaye’s Soulkiller is an EP full of rising darkness, surging power and the intricate, energetic voice of Dimi Kaye’s guitar. It fills the listener with feelings of dread, danger and melancholy as its dark imagery unfolds.

“Dark Alley” opens with a dense, threatening low synth pulse joined by an evil voice twisting in the background. A desolate synth melody, veiled in darkness, moves over the weighty bass throb and pounding drums. The main melody is full of loneliness and danger while the evil voice over adds to the shadowy miasma.

Jangling metallic chimes ring out and an arpeggio spins, adding to the tension and suspense. Deep bass pulses unevenly and the doom-laden voice chants. This is music that makes you look over your shoulder as it unfolds. Quick chimes sparkle coldly as the beat drives onward and the sense of fear grows before the track ends.

A propulsive drumbeat and surging bass kick off “Nightmare City” as whorls of misty sound surround Dimi Kaye’s guttural, gritty guitar. The electric guitar cuts into the track, carrying an urgent, writhing line that moves through the growing shadows around it. A string-like synth carries cascading notes and a tense synth shines out, increasing the background nervousness

A rapidly arpeggiating, high synth shivers into the music, producing a sensation of goosebumps and an overwhelming warning that screams “run!” Dimi Kaye’s guitar vaults upwards and whirls through intricate patterns, expressing a wilder side to the darkness. The drum and bass heartbeat goes on and distant, wandering notes increase the sense of emptiness. The dark bass seethes, restrained but dangerous, as it fades out.

“R.A.B.B.I.D.S” commences as intense guitar wriggles in a quick pattern while distant choral voices float. An agitated, aggressive drumbeat flies through the music and the knotted guitars rush out in an angular pattern. Elevated, flowing synth chords support the charging drumbeat, threatening choral sounds and ferocious guitar attack.

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The guitar screams and wobbles into the track as the chorus of lost souls cries out. That guitar part slices and rocks over growling bass surge and battering beat. Synth chords climb and shine while the attacking drums are cut into by the madly shredding voice of the guitar, intricate notes fading away into nothing.

Sharp-edged guitar lacerates the throbbing drumbeat as a desolate, medium high synth drifts spectrally through the track to open “Data Crash.” A whirling miasma of guitar slices over sepulchral bass, contrasting with the reverent feeling of the supporting synths. The haunted main melody flows over guitar grit and percussion pulse. There’s a tempo change and the track accelerates, the beat charging.

Twisting, ominous sound moves as flashing synths pounce in rapid lines. An arpeggio spins out in a glittering line while the guitar drives on below it. The arpeggio dances repetitively and rapidly before the lead melody gently, sadly moves in and through over the tide of guitar energy. The secondary synth line bounces, shifts and fades away.

“The Fool” comes to life as a rough, distorted vocal sample is accompanied by heaving, muscle-bound bass and a steady drumbeat as brassy synths flare in a sinister, minor key pattern over the shadowy weight lurking underneath. A synth that feels restricted weaves a textural pattern which generates sensations of worry.

The tempo accelerates to drive the track onward as a glittering synth repeats a sharp-angled musical pattern that adds energy to the music. Hollow, patterned notes repeat in quick bursts, adding to the feeling of movement that permeates the more rapid segment. Gruff bass swells under the relentless beat that drops into silence

The electric guitar’s churning attack lacerates “Soulkiller” above the solid drumbeat. Synth chords that mix triumph and darkness climb while the guitar growls in a dynamic pulse. The wildly whirling guitar sings out a powerful line that rises in a lambent rush.

The guitar reaches higher and then higher still while the chords climb and shift. The guitar cries out in a yearning pattern that flies up above the throbbing drums. Dimi Kaye’s fingers intricately wriggle over the strings, drawing out another easily flowing solo.

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