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Synth EP Review: "Red Planet" by Lind

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Lind’s Red Planet expresses the emotions and sensations that might accompany the journey to and exploration of Mars through layers of interlocking synth, unique melodic lines and a strong sense of atmosphere.

“Road To The Red Planet” comes into being with hollow, cosmic synths that pulse out into the empty space around them. A rising line of sparkling synth coalesces into a wandering melody over the smooth throb of the drums and a deep well of bass. The continually oscillating pulse of the ghostly synth goes on through the track.

A string-like, nasal synth weaves the gentle, hopeful melody through the other musical elements. A melodic line carries out over the oscillating synth pulses and the deep, steady beat. Round, full, medium-high synth comes in and develops into an aching melody over the nasal, ringing secondary melody and the heartbeat of the drums.

Shadowed, rising chords and a distant swirl of wind open “Phobos.” The synth chords are a little muffled and lost as the soft, metallic drums pulse into the music. Deep, steady bass waves run through the music as delicate, high arpeggios twinkle like cold stars over the brushing drums.

Distant chords wave and a raised, slow melody shimmers out in caressing notes while the bass throb adds substance. A medium-low synth carries a climbing melody as light chimes flicker and the roaming melody floats out into open space.

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“Dust Storm” comes to life as dense, melancholy chords are joined by a pulsing, oscillating medium-low synth playing evolving arpeggios out over the smooth drums. A trembling, glittering synth carries a series of flowing notes into the track’s vast sonic space.

Arpeggiating, nasal, twisting synth reaches higher and higher, crying out over the beat and the hazy swirls of sound. A low, glowing synth carries slowly revolving patterns over the depth and weight of bass underneath. Lush arpeggios reach upward over the beat and the bass before fading into a gliding, obscuring cloud of shadowy synth chords.

Seething, dark, nervous synth along with skittering sounds and a horrifying rush of sinuous noise starts “Dust Hazard” off. There’s throbbing weight to the beat and a lacerating, heavy synth cuts into the music with a gritty edge. An oscillating line of medium-high synth writhes through the music and adds to the nervous feeling of the track.

The beat’s pounding pulse is joins a grating, growling noise that bespeaks danger. A wall of powerful, threatening noise moves as the brighter, higher synth pattern shifts over the harsher sounds below it. Eventually the track flows into gentler, still unsettling sounds and silence.

“Red Absorption” opens with a steadily rising and falling bass pulse below drifting, airy synths and a wobbling sound off in the auditory distance. A hard-edged line of hollow synth moves into the wide open spaces of the track. There is growing warmth over the beat as an arpeggiating synth with an unsettled quality climbs and descends, full of a vague sense of wrongness.

Ghostly, elevated synths sing with lost voices as a glittering synth with a technological sensation to it floats through. Tension rises as the arpeggios crescendo and gain power as they climb in lockstep with the beat. A metallic synth continues repeating the pattern before silence reigns.

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