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Synth EP Review: "Pastoral Pyramids" by gribbles


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gribbles’ Pastoral Pyramids has a gauzy, ethereal and caressing quality to it with delicate, emotive melodies and a sense of misty peace pervading it. gribbles creates warm soundscapes that wash over the ears and draw the listener into dreamy melancholy.

“here” breathes to life as a full piano carries warm, slightly tremulous chords over soft rushing air. Pipe-like, hollow synths drift across the flowing background while piano chords add strength behind the lead synth. The main melody is carried on a shimmering synth with a lambent glow. There’s a delicate, plaintive quality to the melody as it drifts out over the hollow synth pulse.

gribbles plays caressing and fragile notes on the piano that dance lightly as airy rushes of sound grow all around it and flow on. All of the sonic elements combine to create music that is soft, melancholy and enfolding. The fragile, trembling piano is now broken into by hollow synth sounds that pulsate and throb behind drifting choral sounds.

Misty light glimmers from this track as the lead synth moves in aching notes. There’s a glassy quality about the notes as they flow out over the rising clouds of easy sound and the lost-sounding choir that flutters in the background. There’s a crystalline shine to the high melodic segment that moves in, it also has a feeling of reaching and yearning to it before the track ends.

A rising synth climbs slowly in undulating waves of filmy sound that lap over an
oscillating, emotional pulse of synth that flows richly into the track as “sun haze” opens. Deep bass underpins the track before the slightly distorted melody is carried on synths reminiscent of an organ.

The melody is full of overwhelming hope and a sensation of dreaminess to it. Waves of endless synth keep throbbing through the music and the whole track is enfolded in haze and that glimmer of soft yellow light that mirrors the title.

“Dinae Arboretum” starts off with slow waves of piano that rise and fall smoothly. A moving, expanding melody fills the track with glowing dynamism and a tragic feeling. The swirling background of misty synths glides under the swelling, dancing piano.

A distant choral sound gives voice to a rising wordless reverence as the piano melody evolves, now bright, now shadowed but always smooth and full of ease. There’s uplift and hope here too before a return to the “A” section of the piece. This track is unadorned but all the more expressive for it.

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