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Synth EP Review: "New Vision" by S K Y W V Y

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S K Y W V Y’s New Vision EP is a edgy, cutting and hard-hitting collection of dense, fuzzed out and aggressive synth-based music. It has a weight and a depth to it along with crackling tension as well as a feeling of something dangerous always lurking in the background.

“The Fee" starts with lacerating sounds with a hard edge and drifting vocals moving against a background of that distorting, growling and grating sounds. All of the sonic elements twist and grunt under a high, cutting synth that moves in turning, writhing patterns over the percussive pulse under it.

Twirling sounds move behind the high synth with a crackling, shadowed quality as dark pulses of low synth move through the track. The words of this song are enigmatic and in the single line, “Send the truth through the wire and return to the fire” I sense revolution and change in those words.

Stuttering, seething sounds slice through the music as “Contact” begins. The roughly grating background is pierced by a high, shining line of synth with a mystical quality that writhes through the track over all of the harshness and broken jagged sound under it, delicate in contrast to the harsh shadows around it as static and distortion break and slice under the high wandering line of synth moving against its dense wall of hard-hitting sound.

Bursting, dense, sharp-edged synths open “Ride Through the Sun” as they move over a broken drum beat and harsh, twisting vocal sounds in a landscape of jagged things. The lead synth wanders into the track, feeling a little lost as everything shudders and writhes around it. The steady percussion pulse adds more movement to the music.

There’s a deeply poetic feeling to the lyrics in this song. There is a poignant feeling to the words that is so aching as they say, “In an ocean of sand, you spoke a desert of lies and in the palm of my hand I hold the truth.”

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There’s deep aggression and a broken glass feeling about this music along with the distorted vocals as the wandering synth line moves with bright chiming over the steady drum beat below it while the growling sounds converge with the tension above them.

“BATR Part 2” is brimming with growling sounds and a stuttering, shuddering beat that are joined by a high synth that moves with an ethereal drift over the much harder sounds around and circles in a slow arpeggio. The saw-toothed synths cut and grate over the now steady beat, everything intertwining and contrasting as the high synth keeps winding in slow arpeggios over the harsher sonic elements under it.

A harsh, gashing synth is paired with a powerful drum pulse as “Last Love Letter” kicks off while robotized voices move through the track. The lines of dissonant synth intertwine as a shining thread of sound moves through the grit and grind of the darker sounds underneath it.

Another wavering, glowing line of lighter synth moves over the continual pulsing and high flash and shine of notes sliding over top. The well-woven synths all move together over the strong drum pulse. There’s still tension underneath the lost, robotic voices and mechanical cutting synth sounds like razor edges that move in and through the music.

The lyrics for this song are simple and convey one of the more unique “love letter” ideas I’ve seen in a while. The feeling of this world and people in it changing us is strong in the lines, “I get older in my attitude with a face full of chemicals and a fate held by cynical people in a race for the revenue. Maybe now is right for the right time..."

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