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Synth EP Review: "New Reality" by Data Fatale

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Data Fatale's New Reality EP is a dystopic, honest examination of the past years of the global pandemic with strong vocals and ear-grabbing synths. It pulls no emotional punches.

“Looking For An Answer” starts off with broken bursts of hard, aggressive bass and a sweep of air along as Data Fatale’s voice flows out into a cavernous space. A steady drumbeat keeps time with the bass pulses. The wandering vocal melody is joined by medium high, flashing and full synths as a wriggling pulse of synth winds behind it and the beat accelerates.

Synths swirl and pulse as the melody flickers in and out of the throbbing drums and bass. The vocal melody drifts and slides over the beat. The shining synths double with Data Fatale’s voice and the relentless beat goes on.

Messages of confusion, hopelesesness and struggle permeate this song’s lyrics. The emotion of having everything suddenly lost in an “entity’s breath…I don't know why it hurts me.” The narrator asks, “Who knew that losing oneself was easy in your feelings, in everything you lost?”

She talks about repeating the same phrases in her mind and asks, “What can I do to change it now?” before asking to be helped to find the path and find answers to escape. She hopes for “something to recover my focus, anything to recover my will to live.”

There’s a sensation of entrapment in a vicious cycle of words that won’t leave her be. She says simply, “chaos is my only muse.” The feeling of oppression continues as she adds that, “everyday outside I'm in fear of the unknown, every night on my knees I pray for my loved ones."

An easy, medium tempo beat and full, round, descending synths move over deep bass to kick off "Compromiso Impuesto.” Flashing, medium-high, metallic synth moves over the pulsing beat and ghostly, floating synths slowly flow in the background. Glimmering synths sing out in a dancing line that writhes behind Data Fatale's expressive voice. There is a restless energy in this track and a sense of propulsion given by the deep beat and bass, along with that wheeling and repeating lead synth melody.

There is a voice of darkness in this song that talks about a world caught up in the disruption and fear of a global pandemic. In the beginning, the political classes said everything was fine and “an example of measures well taken, they believed” but our narrator adds, “Who could say that in a span of seconds, all that would change?” In this moment of crisis, the narrator talks about only seeing fear all around in “flashes that show their true faces.”

The crisis lays bare the “cloudy empathy” and uncovered ineptitude of the people who allowed the pandemic to get out of hand. She also speaks of faithful safeguarding and an imposed commitment. There's an interesting notion that in these days, obedience is “just a privilege.” Our narrator challenges the unnamed antagonist, "don't ask me for tricks if my hands are tied.”

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Defiance shows through as she says, “Save your confinement” with years of mistakes “we’ve had to pay for.”3 Her anger at the political classes and their “extensive inadequacy” spills over as she talks about her “dulled senses and fragmented memories.”

All that she wants to do is “to emerge with my being intact” and she hopes that the powers that be won’t close off her exit from this situation.

“Anhelos” begins with shining bursts of bright, energetic synth shifting over the smooth medium slow beat. Data Fatale’s voice drifts in and the bass pulses along with the beat and shimmering, flashing synths move with the delicate vocal melody.

The medium-high, bursting synths cut in and fade out while the flow of Data Fatale’s lost feeling voice and the underpinning bass and drums keep the track moving. The synths add a warmer feeling to the track, suffused with light while the emotion is strong in the vocal performance.

The monotony of a lockdown and the distance it imposes between two people who are intimately connected is reflected in these lyrics. The feeling of endlessly repeating days is evoked by the lines, “Time goes by, one more day. There are only moments, eternal in my mind.” The narrator speaks of a routine that is “simple and wearing” that is playing tricks on her so she won’t lose her mind.

Deep loneliness permeates the song as she talks about being in a cold space she doesn’t want to live in. She is “apart, without the right to choose” from someone for whom she feels a yearning that’s “without hesitation.”

There is “an infinite nostalgia that burns in my being” which she can’t extinguish. The emotional ache is deep as she feels “immense desire to be able to look at you again.” The song goes on to talk about a longing for the past. She feels that if she had the subject of the song with her, it would be possible to deal with the isolation.

Deep, harsh, resonant synths play a stutter stepping pattern of notes that cut off and surge in to bring “New Reality” to life. A wandering, medium-high, full sounding synth plays an ethereal series of notes and the track accelerates. The synth melody that comes in is rising, driving and energetic. There is something aggressive about the charging power in this track that hammers its message home.

This song explores the sensations of disconnection that the pandemic has created. The idea of a simulation in which we’re all trapped during lockdowns is well-expressed in this song. We are told to wake up as the simulation is over. The narrator goes on to say that you’ve been chosen for the next stage and “We will test your strength against uncertainty, desperation and pain.”

There is no solution but to “hide while we look for medicine” and that there’s nothing else to do but wait “if you don't want this evil to end you.” The unknown outcome of the worldwide situation could be “disappointing, it could be your last chance, it could be the end for life as you know it.” There is a warning to be prepared for a new reality and only you will know if you can “join or fall behind.”

Again we are told to wake up because the simulation is starting, so “open your eyes and see what's important, we'll test your patience” so you need to take action to help yourselves.

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