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Synth EP Review: "Neon Vibes" by Lazer Squad

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Lazer Squad's "Neon Vibes" EP cover art.

Lazer Squad's "Neon Vibes" EP cover art.

Neon Vibes is indeed a vibe-y, cool and chilled out EP by Lazer Squad. It has elements of pop, funk and jazz all fused together with synths. It also features some very cool sax playing and the guitar skills of Dimi Kaye.

Each track of this EP has a different sensation to it, although they are tied by a common chilled out feeling that make them perfect for just kicking back, relaxing and letting the vibes take over. I think it is best for me to discuss each track and let you know what I enjoyed about them.

“Come a Little Closer” opens as slightly gritty synths pulse out into open space along with percussion that flickers through the track. A breathy, soft female vocal is joined by piano-like synth that feels infused with light over that shuddering beat. The lead synth is full of a flowing feeling of airiness and ease as the piano-like sounds twirl and dance through the music. This track just settled me right down.

There’s a strong jazz influence in “Neon Vibes.” The beat has a throb and a pulse to it as long flows of slightly distorted sounding synth move over the beat. A cool sax line winds its jazzy way through the track as it glides through. There are high synth notes that call out and are joined by Dimi Kaye soloing in a laid back, chilled out way that demonstrates his ability to play many styles of electric guitar well. I can picture myself sipping a cocktail in a neon-lit smoky jazz bar in some retro-future city.

As a whole, Neon Vibes is a super slick, smooth and chilled out EP. However it isn’t chilled out to the point of being dull. The sax and guitar elements that are added along with the overall musical quality of the EP keep it interesting and engaging. I hope that this is an indication of where Neon Vibes might go in future because I like it.

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