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Synth EP Review: "Last Call" by Daytona Dreaming

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Daytona Dreaming’s Last Call is a richly woven, retrowave journey across glowing neon soundscapes and through easy going and energetic moods. It combines synth variety and catchy melodies in a lush tapestry.

"Slowdrive Miami” comes to life with an open airy rush of sound, joined by a rougher, swelling sound before a brightly shining, string-like synth echoes out in a moving cluster of bright lines. A melody forms from those glowing synths to move out over the deep, bouncing drum throb and glittering, digital notes that float past.

Hollow, pipes shift around elevated drifts of shimmering notes that descend while the drums burst in. Cascading strings flutter and there’s a break into urgent, unique percussion. A chiming, melodic synth line glitters in quick flashes over the propulsion of the bass and drums. The track ends with a nasal, flowing synth that skips over the drums and out into space, distorted and fading.

A surging beat and glowing elevated synth grow into the music as “Mona Daytona” kicks off. A high line of shining synth shifts slowly back and forth above the solid drums and the wide open background is broken by a flourish of rich percussion. A gentle, smoothly flowing, delicate medium-high synth pattern floats easily through over the beat’s movement. The lead melody is carried on that tight, bright synth calling out with melancholy over the bursting leap of the drums.

The track returns to the oscillating waves of washing synth and a crystal glitter punctuating them with a starry sparkle. Lush, varied percussion sounds sweep through as quick, medium high arpeggios whirl and the beat surges on. Warm, distant sounds climb and the chimes call out over the beat as it drives on to the conclusion.

“Palm Beach Marauder” opens with dense, heavy bass moving in blocky chords as an extremely slow, angular pattern of sparkling synth reverberates out into open air. The drums shudder and pulse with ear-catching percussion sounds. Xylophone synth plays a trembling, juddering melodic pattern as the rising blocks of sound shift underneath. The drums thunder and break while elevated, glowing synth extends in long sweeps.

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A minor key melody floats in over the surging wave of bass, drums and echoing vocal synth. The woody xylophone sound trembles and a gently climbing melodic line is carried on a bright, brassy synth. A faster drum throb moves in along with a rough- edged bass oscillation moving under a repetitive line of dense, medium-high synth that climbs higher. The track returns to a slow, sparkling pattern of tremulous sound over the choral synth and bursting drums to end the track.

Trickles of elevated string-like synth open “Last Call” as they move in shifting, uneven pulses while Stygian bass moves far underneath. A delicate xylophone carries a lightly flowing melody that is soothing and enveloping while soft air breathes around it. Bass oscillates and the xylophone calls out, gentle and high, glittering over the slow drum pulse and bass weight. This track glides smoothly while light glimmers from the raised xylophone notes.

The drums slip along, shaping the direction of the music while clouds of diffuse light spread outwards from the music. A darker shadow moves briefly under the shimmer and a gently falling synth line moves in the background of the hypnotic pattern of tinkling xylophone. The rest of the track floats along, melancholy as it flickers over the drum and bass pulse, fading into silence.

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