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Synth Single Review: "Higher Point of View Remixes" by Positronic (and guests)

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Positronic’s Higher Point Of View Remixes all take unique approaches to his song Higher Point of View. It’s always interesting to hear how different artists interpret the same musical material in unique ways. The overall feeling of uplift and brightness is retained from the original, but each of the different remixers show respect for the material while still allowing their own musical voices to shine through and give fresh flavour to the track.

The DarwinMcD remix opens on the brightly spinning arpeggios of the original as a thumping beat starts underneath the pulsing waves of shiny synth that whirl over it. Pipe-like synths dance over the beat’s throb, airy and caressing, as the vocals come in.

The energy and warmth of Positronic’s voice is even more prominent than in the original song. The warm synth glow really works in the remixes favour and the more dance-oriented beat adds a new energy to the track.

Vocals and a broad sense of open space kick off the Positronic remix. The vocals moving in are distorted and rearranged over an oscillating and growing synth swell. The beat has an uneven throb to it as the synths whirl and pulse in expanding motion.

As the vocals move through, the prominent beat joins with a pulse of higher, singing synth that doubles the vocals. The beat changes character but is still full of energy and motion. As the remix goes on, the synth melody gets a little less prominent and the vocal melody drives the song before we return to the main segment again.

The People Theatre remix jumps right into a rapid, dance-y beat and the repeating main refrain of the synth melody as the pulsing, throbbing bass moving out in flowing lines. In this remix, the vocals are full and more prominent as the rising synth oscillation moves underneath them and the beat keeps on throbbing.

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This is a more subtle remix, sticking closer to the original tune as the flows of synth bass move and the beat keeps driving on while bright flashes of sound fly through the music. The main synth melody shifts and dances, spinning out in slightly rough-edged warmth as that throbbing beat drives the track on.

There’s a more technological tone to the Eloquent remix as mechanical, glowing chime sounds and a strongly pulsing, retro synth pop beat kick in. The main body of the remix is full of shimmering elements that move over the rebounding energy of the song’s rhythm.

The wandering shifting pulses of high synth drift through with a lambent glow. The remix returns to the bouncing pulse of sound an the continued shimmer of the synths flows on. There’s a depth to this remix as many different sonic elements intertwine. Arpeggios with warmth circle and spin through the music before returning to the main pattern of synth.

The #synthfam is full of talented artists and in asking some of them to remix his song Higher Point of View, Positronic has showcased their skills and also opened his own unique music up to a fresh interpretation that reinforces its good qualities.

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