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Synth EP Review: "Disco 21" by Dimi Kaye

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Dimi Kaye’s Disco 21 explodes with irrepressible energy, melodic joy and dance floor filling grooves as he explores the infectious feelings of Italo disco on this EP.

“Disco 21” comes to life as sharp-edged, flaring synth leaps in with an energizing melodic pattern. Drums drive the addictive beat and the bass doubles an actively moving synth line. Gliding, airy synth clouds drift over the disco bass oscillation. String-like synth floats out in interlocking, smoothly stroking lines as angular synth pulsates dynamically and the disco beat adds form.

Delicate, medium-high synth trails trickling melodic tendrils and medium-low synth creates hip-shaking motion. Throbbing drums move into a segment with dark, gruff synth bouncing in an uneven pattern while fragile chimes twinkle. Broad, trumpeting synth sings out, full of life and propulsive forward motion over the guiding beat. The track flickers back into the hypnotic main synth pattern and pulsating drums before ending.

An undulating bassline and smoothly hitting drums are joined by hollow, bouncing synth and swirling chimes to start off “How To Italo Disco.” Flashing, bursting lead synth dances into the music in an uplifting pattern, cut by the tapping, open synth. The two elements create an addictive pulse over the drum and bass throbbing underneath as bright chimes accent it.

Flashing synth and hollow, tapping sounds interlock and trade off their positive melodic patterns. The track’s low end keeps up the frolicking disco heartbeat as textural synths ripple through. Bass oscillates smoothly underneath a digital sounding, flickering synth before bursting, glowing notes and a hollow, contrasting sound push the track to an end.

“Disco City” kicks off with the sound of a softly hissing vinyl record, steadily throbbing bass and distant, elevated notes that curl around one another. The sounds come into sharp focus, flaring out in gleaming melodic notes that mingle with insistently pulsing bass and smoothly flowing snare drum.

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Tightly wound, bright synth spins out a slightly mournful melody as the flashing notes above it trumpet out with lively motion. Below the shiny synth, the disco waves undulate and the drums are strong, drawing the listener into motion. Finger snaps and a steady low drone are touched by bell-like keyboard playing a minor key line that sets a more shadowy tone.

After a drum fill, the gleaming synth melody imbues the track with angular forward motion. The percussion feels unstoppable as the brassy, glittering synth cries out the motivating melody and bass oscillates along underneath before the music ends.

Disco bass waves and a solid kick drum create a driving pulse to begin “Dance Through The Night.” Medium-high, luscious synth carries a melody mingling gentleness and dynamism as a trumpet-like synth bursts in. Dimi Kaye’s funky guitar adds a catchy lick to the proceedings.

Wide-sounding, gleaming synth repeats an energizing line and brassy notes form a leaping pattern. String-like synth dances in a tripping line over the funky guitar lick and the trumpeting synth coruscates with light while the drums and bass throb to a conclusion,

“On The Dancefloor” comes into being as broken, active bass with a metallic bounce is doubled with a woodsy xylophone repeating angular note patterns. Metallic synth flashes out above it and reverent vocal sounds echo while drums and bass jounce.

The xylophone carries a wandering, climbing melody as quick synth light flashes out and the drums and bass keep up their broken pulse. Elevated choral sounds add a worshipful feeling and move along with the hard-hitting kick drum.

The bass changes character, slower and more even now as the drums match it. Choral sounds chant, accompanying the bass and drums. Again the xylophone adds a gleaming element, the melody reaching up and yearning as the angelic chorus floats and the track ends.

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