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Synth EP Review: "Cyber Odyssey" by Russell Nash

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Russell Nash’s Cyber Odyssey combines triumphant energy, dynamic power and sonic drama as it carries listeners on an exciting auditory voyage.

“Enter The Void” commences as elevated, gleaming synth notes cascade in bright lines, rough edged bass sweeps and steadily pulsating drums underpin the music. The bass line oscillates with a sharp-edged motion as raised synth flashes out while the drumbeat shapes the track.

Now the lead synth flickers in jumping motion over bursting bass and varied percussion. Extending, warm sounds glide around the other musical elements to add depth. Drums throb behind gleaming synth whorls and digital sounds flit through. Full-sounding lead synth sings out a dynamic, uplifting melody over flowing bass and rebounding drums.

The "A"section returns and twisting, distorted sounds move. Bending, shining synth sings an uplifting, reaching solo and drums and bass drive on. After a drum fill, the victorious melody calls out once more and gritty, guitar-like notes move along wth it above the low end throb.

Quickly spinning, open-voiced arpeggios quickly tumble through “Cyber Odyssey” as the music begins. A solidly pulsing bass line and gruff synth flares accompany the arpeggios as a rapidly moving drumbeat propels the track. Whirling arpeggios boost the energy level and drums and bass drive on.

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Glittering, leaping synth flies out and the arpeggios keep quickly circling. The main melody twists and cavorts and after a drum fill, the endless arpeggios dance. The glistening lead synth unfurls in a wild solo before energetic arpeggios sparkle and drums press forward. A darker sonic profile adds a hint of shadow as glittering synths circle speedily and the drums and bass keep on moving. Twinkling elevated light accents the music and the track ends on cascading arpeggios.

“Cosmos” starts off as hard-edged, bouncing bass pulses are cut by bright, wandering synth. A kick drum comes in before the full drum complement lightly scuds through. After descending, digital-sounding synth falls through the music, the drums and bass create accelerating forward motion.

Pipe-like lead synth sings out a dancing, hopeful melody tinged by sparkling chimes as it slowly cascades.The lead synth gleams as it drops down above the endlessly driving drums. Now digital-sounding synth carries rising melodic lines while sparkles descend and quickly unfurling arpeggios whirl. Organ-like notes add a resonant accent and elevated synths twist through. Drums and bass erupt along with a guitar-like growl and the track end on raised sounds.

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