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Synth EP Review: "Cosmic Interlude" by Soylent Chiba

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Soylent Chiba’s Cosmic Interlude takes listeners on a celestial journey through deep space, flying through the whirling arms of galaxies and across endless velvet blackness only pierced by twinkling, cold starlight.

“Cosmic Interlude Part 1” comes into being with softly rising, cosmic waves of synth that float into the track in an easy exhalation of sound, smoothly breathing through the track. Pulsations of full, rich bass underpin the airy synths that glide over the depths below them. There’s a starry synth shine that swirls and expands outwards through the track.

The music is creamy smooth and drifts with aching gentleness as the weighty bass reverberates and a growing wave of oscillating medium-low synth fills the sonic space. A steady, metallic pulsation touches the track with ethereal ease to add shape to the music. The bass moves in time with the higher, warm synth that intertwines over the top of it. A distant cosmic wind blows across the track and the metallic pulse grows more insistent before silence falls.

A rippling, climbing line of synth expands outward in repeating patterns of hollow, open sound to start off “Beyond the Infinite.” A shadowy wind is joined by the steady drum beat as an elevated flash of expanding, medium-high synth shifts over top of a growing, bouncing, hollow sonic pulse underneath it. Twisting, distorted and spaced-out synth roams through the track in uneven patterns as a computerized, round pulse of synth moves below it before everything fades away into quiet.

“Cosmic Interlude Part II” opens with soothing synths that slip outwards in one effortless breath through the empty space around them. A delicate, fragile quality pervades the synth sounds as they drift endlessly over the growing well of bass below the. A solid, deep rush of sound is joined by massive drums that add power and weight to the music.

The static-laden background surrounds the elevated synth notes that glow and shimmer over the solidity of the heavy drums. There is a majesty to the chord progression that makes me think of sweeping past colossal structures in outer space as the chest-thumping energy of the drums propels me onward and the extended synths provide a sensation of gliding before everything fades into a hollow emptiness.

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