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Synth EP Review: "Contact" by Sonic Gap

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Sonic Gap’s Contact evokes the high strangeness that might be associated with an extraterrestrial contact event through experimental modular synth sounds. The EP is full of madcap sounds and fascinating audio interactions.

“Future Connection” opens with distorted, sweeping synth along with laser-like zaps and a swirling sound that shifts in a computerized line while airy space flows. A pattern forms out of these sounds and a nasal, twisting synth shifts. A dripping noise moves behind in popping, shifting synths. A descending pattern forms from the tense synth undulation while the laser sound moves through and the slow heartbeat goes on.

A shifting noise flickers and shimmies through depths and heights, widely roaming as open space flows around it. Distorted sound glides while elevated synth glitters and a bubbling guttural noise wells up. Nasal synth sound flips and twists in wildly arcing motion over the steady heartbeat pulse below.

Deep bass flows, dropping as a volleying, higher digital sound bounces in a slowly shifting line to start off “Random Data.” The sounds go roving out to pop and wriggle in a slow, but richly varied line. Watery drips and metallic noises float through the wells of bass that flare and fade, slipping along with metallic ticking.

“Signals Received” commences as a steady, cosmic flow of sound into open space is broken by hollow, tapping noises and a quirky, very high sound roaming in a repeating, writhing pattern. Tapping, popping and unsettling noises move into echoing open space, taking on a distorting nasal quality before fading.

Wandering digital sounds form an intensely varying pattern over a steady drum-like throb to commence “The Year We Make Contact.” The digital sounds are sharp edged as they cascade in a blinking, shifting pattern over the wriggling bass. A full, swelling sound in the background adds depth. A swirling, gentle note pattern almost forms a melody before it dissolves. The rippling high synth forms the same zigzagging pattern in the open air all around it.

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All of the sounds have a purpose and hypnotic direction while the steady pulse is broken by skittering, chitinous sounds. A medium-high, round synth rises in a warmer line while the same elevated, wandering synth pattern now becomes distorted and vibrates out in a wobbly line, the higher sounds writhing and twisting in an unsettling line while the tapping, percussive throb continues below. Out of different synth patterns, form and shape arise. There’s a steady evolution in the vibrating, wriggling sounds as the track unfolds.

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