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Synth EP Review: "All Hallows" by Demi Vibrato


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\Demi Vibrato’s All Hallows is a dark, twisting gash of harsh sound full of aggression, danger and an atmosphere thick with threat. It is imbued with a shadowed energy and creates intense imagery through all of the unique synth sounds and ominous vocal samples.

“Death Has Come” breathes into being with a series of skittering, nervous sounds and surging bass, alongside hollow drums that thump one right in the chest with a slamming beat. A pulse of high, tense synth moves over the slamming beat, while the computerized repeating oscillations add a sense of worry to the track. The lead synth melody is a minor key twist of sound, full of a sense of danger as it spins out over the dark bass and throbbing beat.

Bursts of spinning synth move behind the vocal sample that adds to the darkness of this music as the beat pounds and charges. There’s a break into shattered, elevated sounds that coalesce into a pattern, ratcheting up the tension even more as the beat adds dark energy to the track. The high notes move together in a wash of terrified noise over dark, thick sounds.

A steady pulse of computerized sound swells and moves over a hard, thudding beat as a rising wall of darkness swallows it to open “Imitant.” In contrast, there’s a flaring, bright synth shifts back and forth over it as that beat drives on ceaselessly. A pattern of pulsing synth that grows through the track is joined by hard hitting drums while that pulsing charge of synth matches the beat and drums.

Shining chords burst luminously over it again the drums and bass pound relentlessly while the synths slice out into the music in crystal waves. Despite the glow of the chords, there is an ominous quality about them. The lead synth melody carries a hint of hope as rapid, cascading arpeggios leap and whirl over the beat and bass.

There’s a break to worried-sounding synth with a thick rope of throbbing lower sound running in a steady flow beneath it. An unsettling vocal sample adds to the sense of danger before there’s a return to the main pattern of sound over the huge drums. The synth melody at the end is more positive, but still driven by the shadows under it as that beat continues until it fades away.

“The Devil’s Disciples” growls into life with hard pulses of bass joining a broken, lost vocal sample and steady technological-sounding synth oscillates and writhes over the unsettled beat that begins to form a more steady pulse. All of the twisted, nervous sounds pulsate and wriggle into the track. Clicks, wet noises and a heaving Stygian roar of bass accompany a high sound that tightens the screws into the music.

The track howls and gasps and the beat has a hard throb to it. The drums exude power as a wobbling synth moves over the lost, twisted vocal sample. There’s a ghostly feeling to the technological sounding synth over the heaving well of shadow all around it. There’s a tense sound that rises high over a minor key melody that winds through the track with surrounded by broken sounds in a harsh auditory space.

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