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Synth EP Review: "Aeon" by Macrowave

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Macrowave’s Aeon oozes shadowy energy and creates darkly surging motion. The music is full of threat tinged by melancholy and a deeply haunting feeling.

“Aeon” begins as round-sounding, bright synth flows in a steady exhalation while a thin line of static crackles through in a softly surging motion. The static crackle creates a hypnotic flow as dense bass moves far below it. A hollow arpeggio spins up and strings carry an insistent, driving note pattern.

The strings leap upwards as gigantic bass and massive drums batter with cosmic power. The strings scream once before the track drifts into a delicate segment. A softly touching, open synth arpeggio flows over the gritty, angular bass before the strings cry out in an intensely howling line and fade away.

Slow, tense-feeling synth undulations move with an agitated feeling before huge, stuttering drums form a bursting percussive line as “Remnants” opens. Thundering guitar batters into the track before whirling guitar arpeggios slice in an energizing pattern.

Elevated synths flash and the drums and bass add to the pulsating feel. Broken, but repetitive percussion heaves under the driving weight above it. Now pipe-organ cries out with dramatic power as the guitar leaps in a gleaming series of bright flares. Raised synths climb before moving into a hollow, floating segment broken by throbbing drums.

“Eschaton” commences as Stygian bass trembles in slow waves underneath crystalline synths sparkling over broad, brassy sounds that rise and grow in power. The twinned glittering and brassy synths carry a melancholy, lugubrious melody. The melody gains shadowy energy as the heavy bass rumbles.

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A surging, heaving drum and bass heartbeat moves the track along with darkly majestic, distorted trumpeting sounds. A thin line of crackling sound cuts in before rough-edged synths roar and the bass punches the listener in the chest. An ominous, lacerating synth pattern moves in as the unrelenting drumbeat propels the track with gigantic energy.

The music rises to form a howling maelstrom before the steadily surging drums and gritty bass hit with tidal force. Rushes of tightly wound, elevated sound move before accelerating into a wild crescendo. The track fades on buzzing, static-filled drift and delicate, distant piano notes.

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