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Synth Cover Review: "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" by DIGITAL LOVE

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Digital Love’s He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) puts her unique, sharper edged spin on Alice Cooper’s original. After a suitably cheesy horror movie voice over, sweeping synth flows before the drums throb and an energetic synth oscillation cuts in.

Digital Love’s voice carries the fun-filled lyrics as the synths flare out in a lively, propulsive melody. Her distinctive voice bursts in with the chorus. I can hear the wry twist in Digital Love’s singing as it unfolds. Sharp-edged synth drives in, carrying the dynamic melody as it leaps forward with drums and bass propelling the music. Compared to the original, this cover has a a stronger digital feeling and more overall grit.

There’s more darkness here than the original, but it retains entertaining horror movie vibes. Clean synths slice in before Digital Love cuts loose with a growling guitar solo, full of twirling energy. Gruff, medium-high synth flies and flashes and the drumbeat pounds along with strong, shadow-tinged vocals. Synth pulses and the drums and bass rush on while the gruff guitar adds accents.

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