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Synth Album Review: "Ready To Fight Evil" by Exorcisor

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Overall Album Impressions

Exorcisor’s Ready To Fight Evil is a heavily shadowed, thundering assault on the senses that brims over with danger, darkness and demonic energy. The album combines aggressive drums and bass, a layered synth palette and strong auditory imagery to draw the listener into its dangerous world.

The first element that drew me to Ready To Fight Evil was the sheer muscled power of the music. The drums are hard-hitting, the bass is incredibly low and there’s snarling electric guitar as well. All of these elements combine into attacking lines that launch the music forward and imbue it with a sense of threatening urgency.

Ready To Fight Evil also stands out for the way Exorcisor combines strong melodic content, wide-ranging auditory imagery and an overall ferocity to paint strong mental pictures. The melodies express everything from dynamism and triumph to tragedy and fear as they unfold. The tones, textures and pitches of the synths are used to delineate the atmosphere of each track and vengeful rage fills the music.

I also enjoy how Exorcisor layers up the sounds on the album. He wraps together the varying lines of synths into detailed, textured tapestries. The wide-ranging synth palette gives him a great deal of leeway in terms of making instrument choices that best serve the needs of the music, resulting in lush layers of audio exploration.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Catholic Priest” comes into life as bells ring out over a rapid, void-deep bass pulse and an agitated, quickly repeating synth creates tension over distant chanting. Medium-low, chiming synth carries an ancient-sounding, minor key melody over the slamming weight of bass and drums.

The melody has a tantalizingly mysterious quality to it to which I am drawn. The melody switches over to a nasal synth instrument with a guitar-like quality. The main melody feels timeless and a little devious over the jumping drum and bass pulse that pushes the music onward relentlessly. Medium-high, buzzing synth jumps in a tight line before returning to the slightly tragic, drifting melody that is full of melancholy.

An unevenly oscillating synth vibrates as heavy drums batter into the music and deep, muscled bass tumbles to kick off “Servant of God.” Low, angular synth descends in cutting lines over the insistent, heavy percussion and the active bass pattern spins through. Bells ring out with metallic power and distorted voices float by as an elevated, nasal synth sings an ethereal melody.

I enjoy the delicate melody as it glows with irresistible light. Sparkling chimes flicker far above the muscled bass and a spectral synth howls while quick arpeggios whirl, adding to the music’s energy. The haunted lead synth has a wraith-like quality as hammering bass moves below chanting, ominous voices and ringing bells.

The drums and bass are unrelenting and aggressive as terrifying chanting calls out. Digital, nasal synths tremble and pulsate as gruff electric guitar cries out a snarling line that adds to the track’s dark power. The melody is wandering and aching, trailing spectral tendrils before the ritual chanting and ringing bells increase the sense of threat. The track fades on melodramatic strings and growling double bass.

“Ready To Fight Evil” commences with demonic breathing, Gregorian chanting, sirens and a swirling, rough-edged bass synth that create an intensely threatening atmosphere. An insistent drum and bass rhythm pounds in along with distorted sonic twists. Distant, glistening synths drift in a floating pattern as electric guitar slashes.

Now a growling lower sound moves in with ferocious bass and pounding drums. Elevated synths carry a mournful melody that has a strong sense of forward motion. Drums batter and shining, medium-high synths add a more uplifting mood over the aggressive surge that propels the music. This track has a pleasing balance between hope and darkness as sparkles flicker and monks chant.

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The guitar has an angry, slashing feeling which urges the battle on over the battering weight below it. Theremin-like sound trembles through the music to add an empty, astral feel in contrast with the raging onslaught of the other musical elements. Theremin haunts the music while the Stygian bass fades along with bells ringing and sweeping synth sounds, Latin chanting closing it out.

Gregorian chanting is broken into by a creaking door before oscillating, descending synths fall down to open "Demonic Stranger.” There are distinctly evil sounds that move along with a buzzing noise as the charging drum and bass pulse shifts. Quickly spinning, medium-high synth propels the music as ferocious guitar slashes in behind an ancient-sounding, dancing synth melody.

The guitar has a lacerating quality as round, mysterious synth plays leaping notes. Arpeggios whirl as the creaking door opens, creating a sense of approaching danger. String-like synth sings a triumphant, powerful melody over the relentless bass and drum assault. I feel the evil rising as that melody calls out victoriously.

Twisted, high sounds writhe above the unstoppable beat and ultra-raised synths flare. Circular arpeggios add texture and the guitar has a ferocious bite. Now distant piano notes drift into a void shattered by thunder and insectile arpeggios. Once again, the drums and bass charge on and string-like synths call out over the distorted voices and aggressive percussion that propels the music.

“Fright Night” starts out as a bell-like synth descends along with bass wreathed in darkness. A slowly shifting, worried pattern of minor key notes moves above the drum and bass attack. The minor key notes leap into an angular pattern with a dynamic drive. Elevated, glowing synths ring out over top of the drums and bass, adding to the music’s energy.

Ominous vocal samples move before the throbbing drums and bass fall away while pipe organ drifts and tension-filled strings scream. I enjoy the way in with the chanting adds a darkly reverent feeling as metallic clanks and clatters ring out and timpani crash. Now slow, powerful bass echoes out along with a buzzing synth that slices in.

Gigantic drums and bass are cut by shimmering arpeggios while the hollow sounds in the background add a feeling of emptiness. Round, sweeping synth sings out, adding a majestic feeling as the lower twisting sounds are battered by timpani.

A sparkling, rising synth line flickers over the heaving, growing darkness below it as high sounds howl. The compelling percussive pulse throbs on and hollow synths ring out while a gruff, bright synth adds a brief feeling of something warmer.

Delicately caressing notes gently shift below rough, vibrating synths that oscillate over top of them to begin “Rest In Peace.“ All of the elements form a shifting pulse as higher sounds tremble as the hard-hitting, guiding rhythm drives on. Softer-edged synths climb in uplifting chords below the mournful yet hope-tinged melody as it wanders.

Angled, sharper synths vibrate in a jumping pattern before broken, pulsating medium-low synth moves over the gritty bass throb. Shining minor key notes are swept by wind as the jumping drumbeat moves below the pleasing, tragedy touched melody. Trembling synths and slamming drums add more energy, while metallic, bouncing synth repeats in an unrelenting pattern before we fade on circular synths.


Ready To Fight Evil is a pounding sensory attack that unfolds a tale of battling demonic forces through layered synths, relentless drums and bass and melodies that mingle melancholy, triumph and a palpable sense of danger.

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