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Synth Album Review: "Pyramind" by Raiman

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Overall Album Impressions

Raiman’s Pyramind is a cinematic, cosmic journey through layered soundscapes that create sensations of flight and space travel as they unfold in a lush synth palette. This is music full of detail and depth along with evocative melodies.

The way in which Raiman interweaves the synths he uses on Pyramind are a strong factor in drawing me to the album. There is everything from incredibly deep, powerful bass to elevated sparkle expressed by the synths. They can be smoothly floating or gruff and powerful as they add depth and texture to the music. As a whole, they create detailed musical layers that work together to form a luscious, cohesive whole.

I enjoy the imagery that Pyramind creates in my head. The music produces a vision of flying across starry vastness, on a journey that wends its way past spinning galaxies and glowing nebulae. Raiman treats his music like a paintbrush, allowing it to unfurl over the canvas of the album to limn beautiful imagery. I can close my eyes and my imagination soars along with the music.

There are also melodies on this album that I find deeply appealing. Many of them have a tenderness and a mournful quality to them that tugs at my heartstrings. Even the more uplifting moments are touched with some fragility and a certain wistful feeling that only deepens their intensity.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Initializing” is a fitting way to open the album as sweeping synth chords swell with power as they rise in shadowy lines. A majestic glow emanates from climbing, medium-high notes while a steady bass rumble goes on below the other elements. This track exudes a sensation of rising power as bright notes and dense chords grow before the next track launches, set up by the gritty but rich power of this initial track.

A flourish of drums pushes us into flashing, bursting synth chords that form an energetically shifting pattern to open to start “Pyramind.” Chords undulate in flashes over the steady bass drive and dynamic drums. Glowing, intertwined synth notes arc upwards to add a twisting shine to the drums and bass. The medium-high synth chords have a gleaming glow as they wrap around each other. Xylophone-like synth carries lines of rising, falling notes that sparkle out over the broken drums and bass.

The “A” section’s flickering energy explodes as the throbbing, moving bass and drums keep up their unrelenting propulsion. There's a well-done contrast as elevated synth sings a drifting, dreamy melody that flits and floats over the more powerful lower sounds. Somewhat nervous and shadowy sounding xylophone/glockenspiel vibrates over the big drums and steady bass. Full, medium high synth spins and twirls through another solo, cosmic and leaping to shine with intensity before it falls into silence.

“Utopic Love” commences with massive, rumbling bass that swells into full volume along with coruscating, climbing arpeggios and a pulsating drumbeat that adds forward motion. Nasal, medium high synth sings a hopeful, yearning melody that reaches out through the track.

Glimmering light emanates from the dancing arpeggios as the drums now take on a slow tempo pulsation. The balance between a sunlit feeling and melancholy emotion is well-considered here. There is hope for an unattainable love reflected in this track’s main melody. High above the other sonic elements, the arpeggios flicker and shine before trembling synth chords bring the track to an end.

Broad, delicate synths play slowly undulating patterns over a hollow, lightly touching drumbeat to bring "Radio Galaxy” to life. Gleaming synth carries a drifting, fragile melody. I am drawn to the caressing touch with which the melody is imbued in this track.

Dense bass notes smoothly shift and the drums guide the music. Rich, medium-high synth comes in, carrying a tender melody, touched with a nostalgic. Swelling chords add even more shimmer to the music. The waves of floating, medium-low synth feel soothing as they flow through the music and fade into silence.

“Neo City 3.0” starts with gruff, angular bass and powerful drums as round, evenly pulsing piano-like synth adds more texture. Elevated synth with a nasal twist carries a bending melody that has a mixture of darker and more gentle emotions in it over the heartbeat of drums and bass. The melody twists and flows, making good use of the contrast more pained emotions that contrast with something easier and shinier. The piano-like chords shift as the lead melody bends, full of moving emotion.

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Open, airy sound flows behind glittering, spinning arpeggios with a minor key synth drifting behind them to kick off “Ancient Ruins.” There’s a starry flickering in the music as the darker shadows flow around it and the steady drone goes on.

I enjoy the way in which many sonic elements interlock in this track to create a layered end result. Shining notes begin to rise in a glowing and warming melodic line as laser-like sounds flash through the music. Scintillating, steady notes float in the background. There’s a deeply powerful feeling in the music as it slowly winds down into silence, peaceful as the track ends.

“Data Transceiver” comes into being as a smoothly pulsing, steady drumbeat moves with angular, jewelled synth notes and a swirling, nasal lead synth. There’s an addictive feeling to the repeating, swirling melodic pattern over the evenly ticking drums.

The drums and bass shape the music while a medium-high, string-like synth flickers and dances in a rapid pattern to add texture. There’s a drum fill and rushing, ethereal synths dance in a shimmering cloud and a lonely, distant high synth flows into quiet to end the track.

Hollow, open percussion throbs deeply along with metallic tapping as extended, burnished synth chords leap in to kick off "Distant Memories” above the steady percussive heartbeat that supports them. A pipe-like, breathy synth carries a delicately nostalgic melody over the steady drum throb. Bursting, glowing chords cascade above the full voice of the pipe-like synth.

Luminous chords form a line that is now supported by rough-edged bass. I am drawn to the way in which the glowing chords are like sunlight cutting through thick cloud while the background elements exude majestic energy. The track moves into a series of flowing, distorted notes that carry on over the steady drum and bass pulsation, the chords glittering before fading out on dense, percussive power.

“Flying Lazers” comes to life with quick bursts of full, trumpeting synth that move in undulating lines through the wide open space around them. A throbbing drumbeat and deep, rough-edged bass add weight while flickering, shiny synths spin out in dancing motion over the continual throb.

Ethereal synth sings out a melody that is hopeful, full of dreamy potential and caressingly gentle. I find the mingled emotions in the melody touching and powerful. The continual drumbeat and shifting bass adds a steady grounding to the bottom half of the track before the drifting lead synth melody grows silent.

Huge, slowly pulsing, hollow drums open “Ambient 159” along with sharply angled, minor key synths with an obscured brightness that drift along. Distorted, elevated synth with a tense voice flashes in a wandering, unsettling line.

There’s something constrained and bound about the high synth as it shivers in agitated motion over the flowing glide around it. The bass is a deep sonic well and the drums add shape and direction to the music. I enjoy the strong contrast that exists between the tightly wound, restrained high synth and the flowing glide that mistily wraps around it. As the music winds down, everything just drifts out into quiet.

“End Program/Event Horizon” comes into existence as a reverent, delicate synth twinkles over a deep upwelling of bass. Brassy, dynamic lead synth sings out in a leaping melodic pattern over the driving drums and densely pulsating bass to add forward motion. There’s a drum fill before gleaming chimes sing out a melody full of sunny optimism and uplifting feelings.

The melody moves easily over the supporting drums and bass. Round, medium-low synth moves in surges that add more energy to lift up the hopeful melody. I find the tenderness and gentle emotion in the melody appealing. The bass and drum flow lifts the whirling arpeggios as they sparkle to increase the melodic yearning and joy.

An elevated synth cries out in floating, caressing motion and lower synths glow. A lull full of drifting air falls and the melody becomes distant and more pained. Nasal synths expand out into an airy sonic rush that fills the track with a sliding feeling. The synths now slip along over the glide around them, divided and lost, moving out into space and silence.


Pyramind is the kind of album that I enjoy putting on when I want to let my mind roam free. It allows me the chance to have music permeate me and take a hold of my imagination. Raiman’s work on this album is full of ear-catching sounds and engaging auditory imagery. I am looking forward to more of his music in future.

© 2022 Karl Magi

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