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Synth Album Review: "Hey Sexy Remixes" by Oceanside85 & Guests

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Overall Album Impressions

Oceanside85’s Hey Sexy Remixes takes the sensual, erotic vibe of the original album and adds a variety of unique interpretations of the music. Oceanside85’s sexy, sultry vocals remain but its interesting to hear how the various remixers interpreted the vibes the songs create. There’s no doubt that this music is still full of desire, but each artist brings a fresh view to the table.

The different artists who’ve done remixes for this album are able to remain true to the intent of the original music while adding their own spin to it. There’s always a feeling of sexual energy, brimming desire and wanting pouring from the music. The individual artists all take those sensations and channel them into something that fits their own unique musical styles.

One thing that isn't altered is Oceanside85’s vocal performances. She is able to imbue the lyrics with a powerful erotic charge that oozes desire, passion and intense sensuality. The remixers have shown respect for her performances, allowing them to shine through while freshening the sound.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Hey Sexy (Hotheads Remix)” comes into being as bell-like jazz organ moves along with a solid bouncing bass line and a soulful vocal sample. The drumbeat’s pulse and solid bass propel the music. There’s a springy energy in the music as the bass bursts in gruff pulses, creating a dance floor filling motion along with the drums.

Bright synth stutters out in a shining line and some slap bass brings an excellent level of funk. There’s a segment of bursting bass pulses and ticking, tapping percussion as the vocal sample repeats. The bass is massive and fragmented as a quick hit of disco strings boosts the energy level.

The strings are sharp and twisted as they leap out in tightly wound stabs. The beat throbs while the sensual sax is full of heavy passion and raw need. Funky slap bass is joined by angular, shining synths cutting through as the smooth bass and drums guide the song to an end.

Distantly floating, sparkling motes of synth light drift into open space and the deeply growling bass moves in shifting lines to open “Werk (DENDRU Remix).” The throbbing kick drum is resonant as it shapes the music and high synth gleams and flashes in a tumbling pattern.

Dynamically driving drums and bass propel the music while the twinkling synths shimmer. A trumpeting, bright synth leaps through in quick, constrained lines. I enjoy the energetic forward motion that imbues this music as the synths flicker.

A segment comes in bringing heavily rumbling bass along with a broken vocal sample before the energetic drums thrum again. There’s a drum fill and the shining, leaping synths flash out again to cut over the propulsive motion underneath, swirling and glittering, as the entire track moves in angular motion. The whole song fades out in one quick moment.

“Heat (Battlejuice Remix)” opens as a shattered, subdivided vocal sample moves over a massive, pounding drum and bass heartbeat. Sharp-edged, swirling synths cut in jagged lines over the maelstrom of thundering, slamming drums and bass. This is a track expressing the weight and irresistible nature of a powerful attraction for me.

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A nasal, twisting sound snakes through as the broken vocal samples move and the gigantic, hard-hitting drum and bass wall smashes below. The pounding pulse is fierce before breaking for a moment as the winding, divided vocal sample twists. A powerful percussive surge launches the music forward once more. Vibrating, elevated synth carries a trembling melodic line that writhes above the tidal surge, gruff and heavy, before fading out into silence.

Echoing vocal samples shift above gigantic gyrating bass to kick off “2 Hot 4 You (Turbo Knight Remix).” Oceanside85’s voice is sultry over the rumbling bass and digital synth flow. The bass has a massive feeling that adds a passionate urgency to the music. Oceanside85’s vocals are thick with sensuality and desire as the digital synth’s pattern increases their intoxicating energy.

I am drawn to the way the powerful energy of the surging beat adds to the vocal power. The throbbing, bouncing bass line has an hypnotizing quality that creates the sensation of need and aching for pleasure. The gyration of the bass pulsing and writhing deepens the sexual narcosis this music expresses. Through it all, the medium-high, repeating synth reinforces the entrancement of the other elements.

“Goddess (Damokles Remix)” commences with an angular, classic synth sound and a driving, solid beat that adds a hip-twisting feel to the music. There’s a throbbing energy in the drums that emphasizes the smooth heat in Oceanside85’s vocals. The sinuous, lithe motions that Oceanside85 sings about are well reflected in the musical backing.

Medium-high, round synths carry the slinky melody as it dances and over the steady pulsation below it. The swirling, hip-shaking feel in the drums and bass matches with the passion-dripping vocals as the melody wends its way through, slinky and slippery. Damokles’ synth solo cascades and arcs upwards, howling and whirling. The song ends on a resonant, jumping motion that only emphasizes the message of passionate motion in the lyrics.

A panpipe synth carries a repeating, funky line over the heartbeat of drums and bass to begin “She Can Get It (AWTW Remix).” There’s a drum fill and Oceanside85’s vocals tremble with desire and the promise of pleasure, the vocal melody gentle but full of aching need. The panpipe synth carries a hollow, jubilant melodic line to match the intensity and desire in Oceanside85’s lyrics.

The way the pipes flicker and sing their energizing melody adds even more uplifting energy. I am enamoured of the way the vocals are deep with pleasure and the genuine fire sizzling in the words. The throbbing drums and bass have an irresistible drive, propelling the joyful panpipes as they frolic through the music over the unstoppable forward motion of the percussion and deep bass wells up.

“Sugar ’N Spice (Jak Syn Remix)” comes to life with breathy excitement as a floor-filling, body gyrating drum and bass beat pulses unevenly. Elevated, writhing notes wend their way through the music as a distant, medium high synth softly drifts in a trembling line. There’s a deeply sensual feeling here that I find appealing, filling the music with a sense of shadowed desire.

The intense, trance-inducing beat mingles with floating vocal samples and the medium-high synth has a delicate, caressing feeling. The drums and bass have a stuttering pulse. The track feels devious and smooth feeling as moaning also cuts in to add to the sense of a pleasurable yearning. The melodic line is tender and softly touching before the music fades.


Remixes can be tricky things to get right, but Hey Sexy Remixes, strikes the right balance. The original album's expression of lust, passion and desire remains in full evidence but now each track has a unique twist on it that only strengthens the end result.

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