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Synth Album Review: "Everything Is Probably Going to Be Okay" by Kriva

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Kriva’s Everything Is Probably Going to Be Okay has a clarity and sharpness to it along with richly intertwining synth elements that create a full feeling track with contrasts between glowing notes and colder, more computerized elements.

The track begins with open, hollow drums and extended, computerized pulses of synth. There’s a purity to the sharp synth sounds in the track as they cut through.
A synth with choral qualities moves under the chiming, shimmering lead carrying a gentle melody as a slow, moving pulse of round bright notes flows out into open space.

A dark technological-sounding synth is joined by bouncing medium-high synth notes and the glow of chiming sounds. Glittering stars of synth shine above a heavier, darker sound and the throb of the beat.

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