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Synth Album Review: "Cruising To The Sun" by Dimi Kaye

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Initial Impressions

Dimi Kaye ’s Cruising To The Sun brims over with sensations of powerful motors accelerating, ribbons of asphalt unfolding under a sports car as it tears down the road and the sense of freedom these things create. However, it also allows Dimi Kaye’s more emotional side to come through with dreamy, aching and hopeful feelings in evidence.

No review of Dimi Kaye’s music can fail to mention his guitar chops. The man is a genuine guitar master who can use the instrument to howl with unleashed power or tug at the heart with deep emotion. On Cruising To The Sun he evokes feelings of the open road, aggressive speed and dynamic power, but he also explores dreaming and melancholy. I should also add that his solos flat out rock.

Aural imagery is another strong component of Cruising To The Sun. I enjoy the way that Dimi Kaye paints pictures in my mind using his guitar abilities, melody writing skills and synth choices that deepen and intensify the feelings in the album. As the clear melodies and lush guitar unfurl, they fill me with a sense of excitement and positive energy. I enjoy the breathers that the gentler segments afford me.

This album's cohesive nature is another one of its positive aspects. All of the different sonic elements in the music combine to create something that feels all of a piece and well-connected. It contributes to the auditory journey on which I’m taken every time I listen to the album and makes me feel an intense connection to the music.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Hang On” leaps into life as Dimi Kaye plays a rocking, exciting guitar riff that launches the track forward. Brassy synths sing out a strong melody full of the feeling of the open road and wind rushing by as the car rockets down the road. I can’t help but smile as Dimi Kaye’s guitar dances out, strong and dynamic, so full of propulsive drive and positive vibes.

The muscled guitar calls out over the forceful drumbeat before it rises and whirls into a solo that speaks of wild abandon. However the guitar is played with precision and care, no matter how energetic it becomes.

This track exudes feelings of freedom and ease. It creates music that breathes as it unfolds over the increased forward motion of the drums. I enjoy the dynamism that Dimi Kaye creates in the music here.

An easy, laidback, minor key guitar glide quickly transitions to a sharp edged sound to kick off “Revving Up.” Drums cut in and out in bursts before they start to throb smoothly and the guitar growls and slices while the synths rise in a triumphant line that provides added energy to the track. Dimi Kaye’s guitar sings out, full of dramatic inspiration as it arcs into the track.

I am drawn to the rushing feeling and sensation of acceleration in this track. The guitar unfurls in a gliding line that paints an image of streetlights slipping past on the night streets. The guitar climbs higher, unleashing a cascading solo that intricately whirls over the smooth drumbeat that pushes the music on. The guitar carries the aching, reaching melody that spreads over the charging drums and into silence.

"Forever Free” opens with a catchy guitar riff that has gruff edges and shadows in it and a single kick drum. Oscillating guitar waves support a trumpeting synth line with an angular feeling to it. The synth is doubled by the electric guitar which is also shadowed while a twanging synth sound adds its unique voice.

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I soak in the dreamy nostalgia in the lead guitar that makes me look back while feeling that I’m being set free. The twanging synth sound accents the other elements before the bluesy guitar cries out. The guitar solo is expressive and emotive, tinged with melancholy. It rises with an element of tension and builds to a release of yowling guitar.

As the track winds down, the angled synth pulse is doubled by Dimi Kaye’s emotional guitar work before fading out. Dimi Kaye’s hectic, hard rocking guitar plays a sharp edged riff along with hard- hitting drums to start off “Cruising To The Sun.”

The music accelerates into a hard-charging guitar surge as elevated, shining synths burst in victorious lines. The guitar has a dense tone and an infectious sensation of unstoppable forward momentum as it flows across the throbbing drums.

The percussion imbues the track with more energy before a whirling dervish of a solo leaps and flies, guided by Dimi Kaye’s clever fingers. The solo contributes a sense of a high horsepower motor propelling a sports car down the road, a ribbon of asphalt unrolling under the low profile tires. The guitar has weight, strength and an energy level that’s twin-turbocharged as it jumps and soars above the unstoppable drumbeat.

“Drift Show” comes to life as an inspiring, positive synth melody is carried on a glowing medium high synth. Quickly sparkling synths shimmer around the delicate, but energizing melody that is joined by accents of bright keys that raise the glitter quotient. I can’t help but feel uplifted by the lead synth melody as it enfolds my ears. Deep bass throb and smoothly skipping drums support the melody and the glimmering synth chimes add a textural feeling as well as more light.

The second melodic segment sings in, full of the warmth of summer sun and feelings of flying across the road. The solid glide of the drums and bass keep the forward motion in the track going. Dimi Kaye’s guitar howls into the music over the powerful drum and bass oscillation and cries out a solo full of warmth and a rich, silky guitar tone. Glow and sparkle surround the guitar as it spins out in intricately shredding notes, only increasing the dynamism of this track.

A broken, deep bass pulse opens “The Road Home” along with ticking drums that become a steadier beat. Slowly rising, piano-like synth with depth and a reverberating quality carries a soft, expressive melody tinged by melancholy. The drums and bass form a solid underpinning to carry the melody.

Gently nostalgic feelings and sense of the need to be connected to our roots seem to pour from the lead synth melody. The synth melody’s fragility is given strength by the heartfelt power of Dimi Kaye’s guitar, expressing the track’s emotional qualities.

Dimi Kaye’s skillful hands eke out the feeling inherent in the guitar’s tone and the lead melody exudes the mingled, bittersweet feelings that come with going home. This is a gentler, more soothing way to wrap up an energy-filled album.


Cruising To The Sun is one of those albums that inspires the desire to put it on repeat. It creates such an intoxicating series of images and sensations through the guitar and synth work while also plugging into my more emotional side. I always enjoy hearing what Dimi Kaye can cook up.

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