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Synth Album EP: "Undefeated" by Depth Cruiser

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Depth Cruiser’s Undefeated is an emotive expression of opposition to the Russian war on the Ukraine. It digs into the different phases and stages of the invasion, excoriating Vladimir Putin's flagrant assault on freedom. There are messages of rage, horror and resistance here along with feelings of hope and renewal within the music.

“Danger” starts off with powerful, sweeping synth sounds bursting with a feeling of warning in them. The wide synth sounds flow together in rough-edged and tense lines that feel sparse and dry.

A hard-edged, steady, string-like pulse adds some motion to the flashing, warning synths while a slower string-line oscillates in shadowed notes to further raise the tension and generate urgency along with pizzicato strings.

Cold, icy synths growl while a breath of air flows into cavernous space and whispers hiss to open “War." The darkness grows and metallic sounds clank into that rough void, as menace pours from the music and into vast space.

Metal groans quietly and sweeping waves of blackness arise and flow into skittering emptiness. A flash of synth chimes in fragile lines and insectile sounds trickle into void-deep space and fade into dead silence.

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“Devastation” begins with uneven, quiet pulses begin to grow in power through wide open space, forming a broken pulse while a twisting, writhing sound also rises. The music is like a deadly alien beast sent to devour everything before it.

High, metallic sounds wriggle through the music to increase feelings of tension while that bizarre, unsettling alien sound moves. The track feels sere, broken and empty as the rough metallic sounds cut through and fade out.

Gentle chimes sparkle delicately into open space in a trembling line to open "Revival." A high, piano-like synth plays soft and caressing notes in a light-filled line while chimes sparkle and flowing, lower synths enfold one another, adding depth and fullness.

Reverent, resonant synth notes smoothly form a tide of gentleness and tender sound. The high notes shine like sunlight, warming the broken land and giving it life as a flowing, slowing shifting line of synth holds up the other elements in a supportive tide.

"Ukraine" starts out as trumpeting, round notes wander in a continually unfolding line through open space. The round synth sounds have a mournful quality, tinged with hope as they glide along in a tide moving from darkness to brightness.

String-like synths form a delicately yearning pattern while the lead synth roams along through pain and progress. A powerfully shifting synth pulse forms while the strings ache and slowly fade.

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