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Susan Cabot's Bizarre Fate


Susan Cabot was a star of many B movies, genre films that weren't as prestigious and didn't have the budgets of the more mainstream movies. She had a rough road getting there, and after a relatively short time in the spotlight she fell back into a rough and troubled life. Her father abandoned the family when she was young, and her mother was institutionalized. She was shuttled between 8 foster homes, experiencing abuse along the way. She made good, though, eventually finding herself in movies with the likes of Lee Marvin, Tony Curtis and Rock Hudson.


She had a relationship with King Hussein of Jordan that lasted several years. This was remarkable since he was Muslim and she was Jewish. He was likely the father of her only child, son Timothy. Timothy was born with dwarfism, but received gruesome treatments involving injections of a hormone derived from the pituitary gland of dead bodies. King Hussein never acted as the boy's father. Instead Susan's second husband adopted him and tried to raise him. Before this Susan's career had taken a new direction with her association with Roger Corman. She was in movies like The Wasp Woman, Sorority Girl, and The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent.


After her son's birth and her marriage her acting career came to a halt. She suffered from depression and paranoia. She divorced her husband and lived with her son in a house that was disgustingly dirty. Her mental health apparently continued to decline. On December 10, 1986 police were called by her adult son who reported she had been murdered by a ninja. It obviously didn't take long for the police to see through that story, and Timothy admitted he had beaten her to death with a weight lifting bar. He said she had attacked him with the same bar and a scalpel. He said the medicines he was on caused him to react violently. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and given 3 years of probation, which seems a light sentence for beating his mother to death, considering his questionable story of self defense. In the end Cabot's life and death were even more bizarre than any of the movies she made.

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