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Supernatural: Lilith

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Lilith is described as the first demon, the first human turned into a monster by Lucifer as the ultimate "screw you" to God. She was also the main antagonist of season three and four of the popular series while being played by Katherine Boecher, Katie Cassidy and Sierra McCormick. Her introduction into the series was much different then many other main villains as she at first is shown to be a young innocent looking girl who ends up having white demonic eyes that emits a bright white light from her hands. Lilith also had a thing for taking the form of a little girl, which was never really truly explained, but it stopped after she took the body that Ruby had used in season three. The next time the boys saw Lilith she took the body of an attractive young women to be more appealing to Sam. Lilith wasn't as strong of a villain as the previous big bad, but she had more of a personal connection to Sam. Sam hated her guts for killing Dean, and because of it, his anger drove him to the brink of insanity. His obsession with getting revenge drove him to become closer to Ruby that led to him becoming addicted to demon blood. According to show creator Eric Kripke, the character is a combination of all myths concerning Lilith. Her two roles of being the destroyer of children and seducer of men are the ways that Kripke decided to take the character.


Azazel's plan with the special children was mostly about freeing Lilith, but in the big picture, it was all about freeing Lucifer from Hell. Lucifer specifically told Azazel to free Lilith, but seeing how she was neck deep in Hell, Azazel had to get creative which he did. Lilith was first introduced in the episode titled, "Jus in Bello," in the final moments she walked in to the police station that Sam and Dean had just saved from a demonic attack. She appeared as an innocent little girl, until she revealed her demonic white eyes and leveled the entire building killing everyone inside in the process. The next run in the boys had with the demon took place in the season three finale, "No Rest for the Wicked." In this episode, Dean's crossroad deal was nearing it's end thus the boys decided to go on the offensive in an attempt to nullify his deal as Lilith held the contract. When the boys get to her location they are met by a large amount of demons protecting her whereabouts, they slowly take them all down before converging on Lilith's location but are stopped by Ruby. She explains to them that they are too late and begs for her knife back to which her and Sam get into a skirmish. The two stop as more demons appear and are focused on the three of them. They all decide to hightail it inside the house where Lilith is and are safe from the demons due to the trap Bobby set up using holy water and sprinklers. Dean, Sam and Ruby search throughout the house for Lilith but cannot find her. The clock hits midnight, meaning Dean's contract is up and hellhounds are now on his trail looking to collect. The three of them hide out in a closed off room and lay rock salt all around the room to keep the hounds out. Dean, having being as Bobby would say "being Hell's bitch", can see the true faces of demons and noticed Ruby is not her anymore. Instead, Lilith sent Ruby far away and took her host. She flings Sam against the wall only to have him watch as she sets the hounds on Dean, sending him to Hell. Lilith then sets her sights on Sam as she tries to use her power on him, but Sam is immune to her power. He takes the opportunity and attacks with Ruby's knife but before he can connect she leaves the host.

"STOP! In the name of love."

"STOP! In the name of love."

In Season Four, Lilith was still the main villain and had a negative impact on Sam's life. Lilith made him seek out revenge, which Ruby played to. Sam had nothing but good intentions at heart, but never used his brain. Ruby fed him demon blood making him strong enough to kill Lilith when the time came under the belief that if he killed her it would stop the breaking of seals keeping Lucifer sealed in Hell. However, demons are not reliable, they are kind of famous for lying. Which you would figure a guy as smart as Sam would know, but revenge and hatred can cloud a man's judgment. Dean attempted to warn him, but with no luck. The Angels had set it into motion that Sam would be the one to kill Lilith which would set Lucifer free on the Earth. The Angels wanted the biblical match between Michael and Lucifer because then they would have paradise after Michael won. Dean and Castiel tried to intervene but were to late as Sam used his demonic blood to kill Lilith. Sam was under the impression that if he killed her, Lucifer would not rise but instead Lilith was the final seal. For she was the first human turned demon by Lucifer. After she dies, blood begins to pour out of her mouth creating a large circle of blood that acts as a portal for Lucifer to rise out of. As the door was being prepared, its revealed that Ruby had been secretly working with Lilith to prepare Sam for that moment in which he killed Lilith while she was the only one that knew of Ruby's true allegiance.

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