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Super Heroes Front and Center With The Flash: The Complete Seventh Season and Lois & Clark: The Complete First Season


Super Comes To Blu-Ray Discs

Over the years the CW network has become the “default” for Super-Hero television shows, and especially those coming from the DC comics universe. A weekly TV show provides greater content and emotional content than that of a movie where everything has to be resolved in 90 minutes or 2 hours; instead multiple episodes of a TV show allows for characters to become more than one dimensional due to time constraints. It also allows for more and varied special effects to be seen — something much desired by anyone watching for things to get “super.” So it comes as no surprise that The Flash has now completed 7 seasons and the most recent newcomer, Superman & Lois, has completed its first. Both show share similar intent — the hero who saves the World but over the course of many episodes builds up to that with slightly more down to earth “super” stuff — but each has its own unique take on doing things. So we start with The Flash: The Complete Seventh Season.


The Flash Is Super Fast

The Flash is fast, that’s obvious and expected, but also there’s the human element because Barry Allen is all too human despite being the fastest man alive. The large cast of characters augment and accompany Barry as he travels through the issues that only arise when there’s a super hero in town — the season beginning with Barry’s wife missing and the main bad guy from season 6 still knocking about. So it’s a mad scramble to succeed (better hurry Barry) over 18 one-hour episodes that comprise the season. And perhaps the best part is that the time allowed over 6 seasons means that the special effects (S/FX) have become more fine-tuned and enhanced and stretch out more widely than just that of The Flash running at hyper speeds throughout the city or up the side of a building. The effects are more fluid and “believable”, while keeping in mind that belief is to be suspended of course. Because you don’t watch a super hero to see him or her stroll down the street or take a cab or subway.,

The Flash comes in DVD and Blu-ray versions, with the Blu-ray providing the best picture overall and the most detail — anything less than 1080p HD makes scenes in which blurring is intentional (such as The Flash running) look smudged and not fluid as they should. It’s a clean picture that is enhanced by being on disc because artifact and drop offs/interference issues that can and often do result from streaming do not occur. Plus, unlike a streaming viewing, you also get special features like deleted screens, a gag reel, featurettes and the 202 DC Fandome (The Flash-Watchverse). But don’t despair digital fans because you get a digital code too. Oh, sound goes 5.1 too with DTS-HD Master Audio working.


Superman Is Super

Speaking of working, being a parent is a tough job. You almost have to be super to get through it. Good thing that part of the name of CW’s Superman and Lois: The Complete First Season has Superman ready to party — if you can call being married with two boys and all the stress and issues and unintended parenting mistakes that can happen “partying.” Not to say that Superman doesn’t do anything but complain and mess up, or that Lois sits around on her hands watching all this, as both characters strive to do their best whether one has invulnerability and can fly or not. Having an enduring character like Superman having to deal with emotional issues so foreign to what most expect (after all “Up, up and away” sounds like running from having to go to PTA meetings) — this makes for interesting mixups and events far outside the expected ring of super criminals and slam pow fighting. Not that old Supe doesn’t have to flex those muscles, no sir no fear of that not happening.

That there is a Blu-ray version of the season to view means a high-resolution image that makes those super feats super to look at. Sound is DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 so super effects sound super too. 15 extended episodes are what Superman and Lois and the two boys (teenagers by the way) are seen in, with digital code added to what the discs can offer. Which, as to the discs, means extras like featurettes and a DC Fandome Panel - Superman & Lois: The Complete First Season. For more details on Warner Bros go to

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