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Summer of 84 - A Review

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" Even serial killers live next door to somebody." Those are the words uttered by teenager Davey Armstrong who suspects his neighbor, maybe a serial killer, but will anyone believe him?
Davey lives in a nice and friendly suburban neighborhood where everyone pretty much knows everyone. He and his friends, Dale " Woody" Woodsworth, Curtis Farraday, and Tommy " Eats" Eaton are enjoying their Summer vacation. They spend their time playing games around the neighborhood and hanging out in their tree house where they fantasize about their attractive neighbor, a young girl named Nikki, who is the object of Davey's affections. Although everything appears to be picture-perfect, something sinister is lurking underneath the surface of this ideal suburban neighborhood. Something nobody wants to believe.
A letter from an anonymous writer appears in the local press claiming responsibility for a series of disappearances and murders involving young boys. The killer is dubbed " The Cape May Slayer." Davey begins to throw his suspicions on nice-guy neighbor Wayne Mackey. Mackey a Police Officer, who is friendly with everyone in the neighborhood, hardly seems like a killer. Davey tries to share with his friends about the possibility of Mackey being the killer, but they don't believe him. Instead, they believe he's taking his love of conspiracy theories a bit too far. That is until a boy last seen at Mackey's house appears on a milk carton several days later, rising more suspicious of their neighbor. The friends band together to keep an eye on Mackey, following his every move, and discover some rather suspicious activity. As they get closer to the truth, they find themselves closer to the danger of becoming the next victims.

The Boys of Summer of 84


Yes, the plot is similar to other films. Its Rear Window set in the eighties with teenagers, but don't let that turn you off. There is something creepy and very unsettling about this film that makes it a downright enjoyable horror film. The cast is great, especially the four main boys. They all have great chemistry together and it's one of the many bright spots in the film. I don't think I would have liked it as much if the chemistry was not there. Rich Sommer an excellent job of playing the likable yet murderous Mr. Mackey. This film spells out the nostalgia and references that I'm sure genre fans will love. And the musical score by LE MATOS is a captivating electro masterpiece.

Neighbor Nice Guy - Mackey


Young Love


The only downside for me with this film is the ending. It is a bit of a downer. There is also a moment in the film that caught me completely off guard. But I won't let that take out the enjoyment that I felt while watching this movie. The film itself is suspenseful, creepy and even a little humorous. As for the gore factor in this film there are some harsh scenes, one including a decomposing body and another one with a pile of dead bodies. As for sex, the sex stuff is mostly played for laughs with the boys telling crude jokes and reading pornographic material. They also make some rude comments towards some of the female characters. The film is one of my favorite horror films in recent times and the filmmakers did a great job. If you are interested in their previous work, I suggest also checking out the entertaining Turbo Kid.

With all that being said, I liked this one a lot and I am sure you will too.

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